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Adds Dawnguard-themed robes, enchanted and unenchanted, for the aspiring sun-fire mage.

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Hey, you! Yes, you! Do you think Restoration is a valid school of magic? Did you join the Dawnguard in hopes of using the sun-fire spells to lay waste to the blood-sucking nightwalkers? Are you disappointed that the Dawnguard fails to cater to those who prefer the Clever Craft? Well then, this mod is for you!

Introducing Dawnguard Robes! Coming in two variants: enchanted with the perfect enchantments to fight the pesky vampires, and unenchanted, in case you think you know better than I do about the best enchantments for fighting vampires! Or if you fight other things that are not vampires. That's also valid.

Further: the robes and hood offer the same resistance against vampires and drain attacks that the armour does! Gloves and boots are not included. If you want the bonus resistance but still want to make use of Mage Armor, why not check out Unarmored Dawnguard Garments? I made it like, two years ago and it's been a thing since. I think it's pretty cool.

Requires Dawnguard. C'mon. You can figure that out on your own.


Hood: +50 Magicka, 80% Disease Resistance
Robes: Restoration spells cost 18% less to cast, 100% boost to magicka regeneration

Unenchanted Hood and Robes Recipe:

Hood: 1 leather, 2 leather strips
Robes: 2 leather, 4 leather strips

(screenshots are provided)


Unpack and throw all the files (esp, meshes, textures) into the data folder, or just use a mod manager like a normal goddamn person.