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If you want to play mods on an already leveled but not fully leveled character this is an ideal choice. Level 81 Breton, focused on One-handed and Heavy Armor, but proeficient with: Bow, Two-handed, Shield, Light Armor, Sneak and Magic; the transition should be easy in case you want a different playstyle. 279/280 is without/with Ebony Warrior.

Permissions and credits
If you want to play mods on an already leveled but not fully leveled character this is the best choice. I have a level 81 Breton with most of his skills in the 60-80 proeficiency.
- The warrior skills being all 80.
- Destruction and Restoration being 90
- The other magic skills being around 60-80.
- Sneak and Pickpocket are low, around 60.
- Lockpicking skill is around 90.
- The other thief skills are, around 80.
- Legendary skills: restoration, enchanting, smith, heavy armor, block and one-handed.

You have 9 free perks to choose. Alternatively, you can reset all your perks using the Black Books in the DLC. As I already have more than enough dragon souls.

Magic, Skills and Powers:
- A lot of spells, but not all of them.
- All shouts unlocked (two are bugged, the Drain Vitality bug from Dawnguard)
- A lot of powers unlocked (probably all of them, but can't tell for sure)

Armor and Weapons:
- Drangobone Heavy Armor, One-handed Sword and Bow.
- Home in Windhelm, there you can find:
- Dragonbone Light Armor, Two-handed Sword, Club, Dagger, another One-handed Sword, Mace.
- Companion wears Stalhrim heavy armor, dual Axes and Bow.
- All upgraded on Legendary level and with 2 enchatments.
- They are not upgraded to their maximum possible value, as I still wanted a challenge, but they are upgraded to a close to maximum value.
- There are plenty of potions and resources in your house in Windhelm to make other gear, check the chests.
- My previous gear from lower levels can be found in the wardobe inside the Dragonborn's bedroom, nostalgia.

Other significant things:
- I have the Black Star in the inventory.
- I have all the books of Skyrim in the library in my home in Markarth.
- I won the civil war for the Empire.
- I won the Dawnguard war for the Vampires. (basically, I won both wars for the vampires)
- Wife is Ysolda and I have 2 children.
- I'm no longer a vampire or a werewolf, but you can still turn in both of them by talking to certain people.
- All the defeated Jarls can be found in Windhelm next to Jarl Ulfric's dead body.

About my game:
- I used console commands when playing, but not game breaking console commands.
- I did not leveled up my character, my gear or my skills using console commands.
- I only intervened with console commands during quests when there was a bug.
- I went back to Sovngarde 3 or 4 times, using console commands.
- Save 279 is before I face the Ebony Warrior
- Save 280 is after I faced the Ebony Warrior, his items stored in my home in Riften.

Quests Remained:
- The repetitive: dark brotherhood, companions and vampires quests.
- Locate the East Empire Pendants on Solstheim - minor quest, mostly about searching.
- Visit the Hunters at Frostmoon Crag - they only care about you if you are a werewolf, doable.
- Find evidence of Ogmund's Talos worship - how about no.
- Kill Paarthurnax - don't worry, I finished the Blade questline to get the potion before I was given the quest.
- Ebony Warrior (only if you pick the 279 save).

It's a level 81 character with a lot of proeficiency in many skills. But it's not a perfect full level character. It's a character that you can still develop as you play with him. Perfect for trying out mods with.