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seeker now have spell tomes for their magic. same is true for dukaan and morokei.

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Seekers in Apocrypha now have spell tomes in their inventory, that teach the player to use their two spells.
Those are called "Seeker Drain" and "Knowledge Drain" and are adept level destruction spells.
Can be used in either hand, can be dual cast and are affected by perks and enchantments.

Dukaan in white ridge barrow now has a spell tome that teaches the player to summon a high seeker.
It is an expert level conjuration spell that does what its name implies.
Think of it as an upgraded version of the normal conjure seeker spell.
Why Dukaan? Well, he can use that spell in the vanilla version of the game, there just was no way for the player to learn it.
If you have already killed him, open the console and type either of the following two (three?) methods:

help dukaan
(click on something around you, or yourself)
placeatme xxxxxxxxx 1
(replace the x with dukaans id from the above command)
this will allow you to fight him again and get his new loot.

help "high seeker"
player.additem xxxxxxxxx 1
(again, replace the x with the id for the book)
now you'll have the spell tome in your inventory

you could also use the commands
help "high seeker"
player.addspell xxxxxxx
and replace the x with the id for the summon spell directly.)

Another change made by this mod is that morokei in labyrinthion now has a spell tome that allows you to summon a spectral dragon priest.
That spell is also already in the game, but inaccessable to the player (the special, hidden dragon priest mask konahrik casts it if your health is low).
Again, if you've already killed him, use one of the above methods to either spawn morokei or give yourself the book/spell directly.

Both Summons made available by this mod are expert level conjuration spells that can be dual cast, work with twin souls and are affected by perks and enchantments.

There's also a german version available, use one of them, not both, obviously.
Also, because dual casting the visually bigger spell can be rather overpowered, there's now a balanced version available in both languages.