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Make way through the tunnels and if you are successfull, you will enter a new beautiful world made of water, wind, salt, sand, rock and ice. Four main isles surrounded a central one, several small isles and headlands, two caves and a dungeon. No quests but a task: Destroy the great Welkyndstone inside a perfect hideout. WIP but fully playable.

Permissions and credits
Mod is cleaned with xEdit, xEdit shows no errors or dirty edits, Nifscan shows no errors and no errors were found by NifOptimizer texture scan.
Load before any landscape or grass mods you use.

Teia is the name of a goddess, she was honored as a titan of gems, the bright blue sky and precious metals. She was born in the void as an offspring of Padomay. All what's left of her is the name of the isles, but, maybe some Wild Elves remember her cult, who knows.
Teia lies well hidden between the Sea of Ghosts and the Eltheric Ocean in nobody's land. Make your way through the Wayward Tunnels and find this unexplored waterworld. Destroy the great Welkyndstone inside a perfect hideout. I never believed the Ayleids have vanished. You will find out.

Teia contains over 7000 exterior cells, mostly covered by water. The look is completely different from Skyrim. You will find new ingredients, some weapons, potions and recipes. Maybe you will find nothing if you are just rushing through, so better take your time to look around. I'm sure you are familiar with some of the wildlife.
You should be a skilled fighter and being too curious could bring you in trouble. Maybe better not go alone to every place... ?
It's also worth to look under the water level and dive around.

What else is to say? You could bring a camping kit with you, this is not included here, but will be very useful. I als recommend mods like Campfire, Aurelia Weathers and Realistic Water 2. Or Hoamaii Sleeping Bags and if you use the fantastic Clearsky Hideout, you maybe have a diving kit?
Anyway, I wish you a good journey. Maybe we meet somewhere at the Isles of Teia. Sincerely yours, Olioll the Explorer.

SE Version available: Tasheni's The Isles Of Teia SE

Screenshots and video made with Aurelia Weathers and Realistic Water 2

Music from Sunspire:

The video is an older one.

This mod is a WIP. I created it for my followers mod Tasheni Followers and decided to release it separately. If my followers mod will ever get ready, it will use this file as a master to bring their stories to life. But this will take more time...
This mod will spoil the locations, a small bit of story and enemies of the planned questline for Tasheni Followers. Maybe you want to wait until the followers mod is complete. But due to real life issues, that will maybe never happen. I don't know right now.

Install main file and overwrite with update fix. Use light version, if you find it too hard.  Loose files, install with a mod manager.

This mod includes no inhabitants on the isles but wildlife and creatures. Some enemies may be overpowered. I'm not very experienced with fighting, I mostly focus on other things. But be warned: You could be surprised (and hopefully not frustrated).
The caves are really, really dark. I highly recommend to use torches or spells.

The isles world is shaped similar to a cross. Rocks and small islands are placed at the borders to make it visible. Outside the water is very shallow and there is no vegetation below the surface. I wanted water as wide as the horizon for the ambience, but the world is inside this shape you will notice on the map. Bre in the south is open backwards, but marks the border in the south.

There are three boats you can use: A rowboat and two sailboats. I merged DeviantKhaleds ships with a modified script of Sailable Ships.

How to use the boats (you need SKSE):
Like in Sailable Ships, look for a button in the rowboat, the small sailboat has a button at the pole and the bigger sailboat has a shipswheel. Click on it and a menu will appear. Drive with the arrow keys. If you want to exit, click e key.
- Stop the boat with driving backwards until it comes to halt before pressing e. Otherwise it could happen that the activator is not moved correctly at the same point of the ship and you will have trouble to activate the boat again.
- Boats may stutter, depends on your hardware. Player is translated together with the boat. If player lacks behind ( clips through a pole), drive backwards for a moment until position is new adjusted.
- If you crash at something you can't see in the water, there maybe a Seacow or Whale under your boat. If it's not movable anymore, click the button or wheel, stop sailing. Click again and drop the anchor. Click again and lift anchor. Click again and start sailing.
- Take care you don't rush on land with your boat, it maybe get stuck and will not move anymore.
I advise you to stay within the borders with a boat. Look at the map to understand them. You can move outside, but water is very shallow there and you may get stuck with a boat. No way to get it back from there right now.
By foot you can run out of the borders as far as you like. But these areas are not navmeshed, so no followers will follow you there.

You will encounter some dialogue that points to events that are not implemented, yet. This will be finished when Tasheni Followers are ready.

This mod needs SKSE, Dawnguard and Dragonborn. Your graphics adapter should have at least 2GB VRAM.  Use ENBoost, if possible.
Mod is cleaned with TESVEdit and the textures are optimized with Ordenador. Should not conflict with anything.

Known issues are listed in the articles section. Please read.

To find the Wayward Tunnels, look at the map in the images section. CK killed my mapmarker, hmmmpfff!

Please look at the credits list. Without the work of many, many other modders I could not have done this wonderful piece. Thanks for all given permissions and resources.

Credits and permissions for the mod Tasheni Followers - The Isles Of Teia created by Tasheni:

Assets I used from other modders and resources are listed here. I'm very thankful for kindly given permission, either through a statement from authors of their resource website or personally by contact. Without those great work of other modders my world would not have come to life.

Landscaping resource

Interior Decorations

Some new foods


Fossils for Skyrim

Liam and LWatson95:
Liam's furniture dragon bone resource

Imperial Society,
 - Beyond Skyrim
 - Province Cyrodiil
 - Varlaisaran
 - Tarius
 - Markus Liberty
 - 1shoedpunk
 - Simsim
 - Hart
 - Suran
 - Matth:
Ayleid Ruins Building Kit

Adabala Building System - Ayleid Transfusion

Black Knight's Custom Assets and Resources

Lor Modder's Resources

The Witcher 3 Mega Resource Pack

Kelretu's Modder's Resource

DK's Lore-Friendly Ships and Boats Resources Vol. 1 - Nords

DK's Lore-Friendly Ships and Boats Resources Vol. 2 - Bretons

Sailable Ships of Skyrim

Modder's Resource Pack - The Witcher Extension

Modder's Resource Pack

Bosmer City Kit Resource

ps46183 and Galadreal:
Goblets Cups With Wine And Orange Juice Resources

Vicn Creature Pack

Tamira, Stroti, Phitt and Mr Siika:
New Plants 1_3 by Tamira

Assorted Resources by Tamira

Static dishes and food resource by Tamira

Mr. Siika Ravens and Vultures by Mr Siika and Tamira

Stroti's Treehouse Resource by Stroti and Tamira

Stroti's Stilt House Resource by Stroti and Tamira

Strotis Cactus Resource by Stroti and Tamira

Strotis Kitchen Tools by Stroti and Tamira

Strotis Manor Resource by Stroti and Tamira

Strotis Small House Resource by Stroti and Tamira

Strotis Rustic Furniture Resource 1_2 by Stroti and Tamira

Phitt's Fishtank by Phitt and Tamira

Phitt's Sheogorad Resource - Part One by Phitt and Tamira

Phitt's Sheogorad Resource - Part Two by Phitt and Tamira

Lolicept Resources

Hoddminir Flowers

Hoddminir Plants and Trees

Ztrees new rocks by ZTree and Elinen

HoddminirGroundTextures by Elinen

Jokerine's Misc Resources

Wild Penguins


Markus Liberty:
Cyrodiil Farmhouse Tileset

Elder Statue - Level Asset

dailyplanet pretty animated potions small bottles

RGMage2: Alchemist Compendium

Animated clutter

FoodContainer Resource

Blary and Pheo3309, Darkfox127, AlassinSane:
Harvestable Ingredient Jars

Oblivion Gates in Skyrim - a Modders Resource

Pulsing Daedra Heart

Hanaisse and many other: TESA resource

Extra Resources

Snow Penguins

Beasts of Tamriel

Blue Whales (Animal Series Pt.3)

Mihail Romanov:
Centaurs- Mihail Monsters and Animals

Deer Expansion - Mihail Monsters and Animals

Squirrels- Mihail Monsters and Animals

Water Hags- Mihail Monsters and Animals

Pheasants Ducks and Chickens- Mihail Monsters and Animals

Cliff Racers- Mihail Monsters and Animals

No link, yet, mod is hidden because reworking

Hummingbirds- Mihail Monsters and Animals

Seagulls -Mihail Monsters and Animals

Seals and Sea Lions- Mihail Monsters and Animals

Daedroths- Mihail Monsters and Animals

Lynxes Cheetahs and Smilodon- Mihail Monsters and Animals

Xivilai- Mihail Monsters and Animals

Musk Ox- Mihail Monsters and Animals

Dugongs and Manatees - Mihail Monsters and Animals

Giant Cephalopods- Mihail Monsters and Animals

Civets and Mongooses -Mihail Monsters and Animals

Geese and Hammerfell Fowls- Mihail Monsters and Animals

Orcas- Mihail Monsters and Animals

Demon Fishes- Mihail Monsters and Animals

Sea Giants - Mihail Monsters and Animals

Golden Saints - Mihail Monsters and Animals

Guardian Spectres- Mihail Monsters and Animals

Will-o-the-Wisp Sprites and Voriplasms- Mihail Monsters and Animals

Images for the retexturing I used as a base are mainly from pixabay, pxhere, pexels.

thanks to These used sounds were under creative common or attribution license.







Very warm and special thanks to Sunspire, who allowed me to use his earliest music I really love, for my isles world.
Sunspire Records:

Sunspire on Bandcamp:

Sunspire on Youtube:

Sunspire on DemoZoo:

Very special thanks:
 - CD Project Red
 - the nexus comunity for help and feedback
 - nexus sites for providing the platform for modder's and gamers
 - Nifskope team: Nothing works without you!
 - TESVEdit team: Nothing works without you!
 - Arthmoor
 - Bethesda for an awesome game - even if they let fix their broken stuff by the comunity

Very, very special thanks and a big warm embrace and kiss:
To my friend and lover since 20 years (exactly this year). For providing me with money and food - without his cooking I would have starved many times ;) He is the best bear in the world!

For investing a whole year in fulltime day and night with few sleep and much fun and frust - but mostly fun - to create an awesome new worldspace.

This mod is in testing phase. As long this state doesn't change, you are not allowed to use anything of it for your own projects. Thanks for understanding that.
Do not upload anywhere. This mod will stay nexus exclusive.