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Should change most of the font in game to Planewalker (Classic Elder Scrolls) font.

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After playing through Skyrim as many times as I have; I've gotten tired of the same old font. I really like the Font that Bethesda always uses for the main title of their Elder Scrolls games (y'know the "The Elder Scrolls" part  :D  ), also known as 'Planewalker'. So I just changed the font to that.

I haven't gotten the chance to play through the whole game with the font, so there might be several issues with the way it appears in game, such as being to big or too small, resulting in some visual bugs (see images for details)

This mod DOESN'T change the book font, as I'm quite fond of reading The Lusty Argonian Maid in that font ;)

To make this mod I used SPARTAN VI's mod resource: I didn't ask for permission to use his resource to publish this mod, as he wrote: "You're free to do what you will with these fonts as long as it's not for commercial gain. You do not need permission to use any part of this file.". He also wrote: "You're not required nor encouraged to give me credit to use any part of this file." but I still think he should be mentioned ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
I also used Elite Khajiit's video tutorial to figure out how to make the mod. So all credit should go to them.

This is also the first mod I've ever tried to make, so go easy on me :P

Install: As I said before, this is my first mod, so I might not even have uploaded it correctly; but if I did just use NMM.