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2K texture for the Buckets in 2 styles + Dawnguard Bloody Bucket in 2 styles updated with environmental maps (actually metallic metal)

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New lore friendly texture for the buckets updated with environmental maps (actually metallic metal) 

My screenshots were taken in Nifskope an done in game however my Imaginator settings and lack of screen-archery ability means my images don't do the textures justice.

I threw this mods original texture together in a few hours or so to go with my Effigy of Olaf mod (I got tired of looking at the same bucket crown on it) it's closer to vanilla than the texture I was previously using and now includes new normal maps and environmental mapped meshes (for actually metallic metals) the second version took a further 2 hours and bonus versions for the bloody bucket from the Dawnguard DLC (I don't know if it's actually used in game but I use it in all my personal mods and others might as well) plus additional time for the environmental mapping

I know my textures aren't the very best (hence the name of all my texture mods) I won't say these are the best even as my skills improve because I don't want to over promise and under deliver) but I am trying to improve and I feel like I am slowly improving. I also take requests for overlooked items (of which in Skyrim there aren't many modders haven't already done wonders on) to help me improve my skills and to help give new textures to overlooked items.


-Mod Managers
Install in your preferred Mod Manager (NMM/Vortex/Mod Manager etc)

Drag and drop the textures and meshes of your preferred versions folder into your Skyrim Data folder 

-Mod Managers
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Remove the textures and meshes of your preferred versions folder from your Skyrim Data folder

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