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New vanilla based models for hair, horns, beard, and brows combined with vanilla options - Beast races only.

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This is a backported version of the SSE mod of the same name. Please visit the original page for more info and images.


Features of the mod:

Both versions of the mod add dozens of styles for hair, brows, and facial hair for argonians and khajiit in the character creation menu, with a new brow slider for both races. The models use vanilla textures paths, which means if you have any relevant retextures they'll be applied here as well. Argonians don't have a facial hair slider, so make sure to check their brows slider - that's where you'll find the facial hair.

The main file also replaces the look of most NPCs in the base game: all 33 Argonians in the game, and 31 khajiit (caravans, J´zargo, Solitude Lighthouse keeper and all 18 bandit Khajiit in leveled lists). An optional file installs different textures for feathers on 6 Argonians touched by the mod for even more variation.

The content add-on similarly changes NPCs from other mods. Currently, the covered mods are:

Note that while the content add-ons change the way mod-added NPCs look, they are not needed for the original mod to work as intended. Any mod that adds khajiit/argonian NPCs (Interesting NPCs, Beyond Skyrim, etc) will work just fine without the need for a patch. 

Also included are racemenu presets for most modified NPCs and characters in the screenshots.

Requirements & Compatibility:

The NPC replacer version of the mod requires the Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Patch, not having it installed will result in CTD.

Mods that are compatible out of the box:

I have included a few patches for the mods that I use, on top of the ones already provided by the original mod. All the patched mods are:

All the patches are safe to be merged with each other.


I recommend using a mod manager that can run the provided installer (e.g. Vortex or MO2). Further instructions are specified in the installer.


Mharlek1 for the original mod
Saerileth for the assets from Khajiit Hair
Anuiel for the Dwemer Beards and NVNNN for the port
Ghosu for Helmet bone shield borrowed from his skull mesh the skininstance
Bodyslide and Outfit Studio
SSE NIF Optimizer
Cathedral Assets Optimizer
FOMOD Creation Tool

NPC replacer - Thanks for letting [Mharlek1] use your assets:
sfts for Argonian - Khajiit FabULook Eyes SSE
DomainWolf for Vanilla Makeup HD - HD Racial Colors and Makeup for All Races and Genders
& Vanilla Warpaints Absolution HD 2k and 4k Vanilla Warpaints - Every Warpaint Adjusted for Every Race and Gender - Special Edition
& Beast Race Bodypaints SE - Khajiit and Argonian Themed Bodypaints Facepaints Racemenu Overlays
Cathedral Assets Optimizer for facetint compression

NPC replacer add-on - a visual replacer for the ck vanilla generated NPCs - has the following mods as masters
Thanks to:
zebra0 for Better Docks
Scrabullor for Immersive Patrols
SomethingObscure for Obscure´s College of Winterhold
SetteLisette for Immersive World Encounters SE
cloudedtruth for Relationship Dialogue Overhaul
skillest for More Bandit Camps SE
VorpalRunner for Immersive College Npcs SE
Nightman0 for Skyrim Revamped - Complete Enemy Overhaul

Argonian feather retextures - Thanks for letting [Mharlek1] use your assets:
KrittaKitty for Hott Argonians with Argonian Feather Hair
nerdofprey for Argonians Enhanced - feather hair texture rework