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Higher polygon Blackreach mushroom model replacer

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Replaces angular Blackreach mushroom models with rounder versions.
  • The old mushrooms were 1.5k polygons. The new mushrooms are about 7k polygons.
  • Fixed a bunch of mushrooms where the tubes under the caps were clipping through the top
  • New in 0.3: Changed the epic mushroom's UVs to hide the seams and reduce pixelation
  • In-game performance comparison

Q: Is this mod going to break my game and destroy my PC?
A: No (In-game performance comparison)

Q: But you just used smooth? That's so lazy
A: Yes... 
 To be fair, I had to edit some UVs and fix some geometry too

Q: I see a texture seam!
A: That's how the textures were laid out in vanilla Skyrim. There is no seamless texture for the stems, they just reuse an arbitrary section of cap texture

Q: Will you make this compatible with mod XYZ?
A: Most other mods are closed permissions while this mod is open permissions, so it is harder for me to obtain permissions to make a patch than the other way around

Q: I don't like this mod! >:(
A: Open permissions means anyone can take the assets from this mod and improve upon them, and that person can even be you