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JZBai Zartar and Skitskurr

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Unofficial Standalone Patch of Zartar's Character Behaviors Enhanced that fixes some major bugs and strives to make the mod a little more functional.

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Unofficial Standalone Patch of Zartar's Character Behaviors Enhanced that fixes some major bugs and strives to make the mod a little more functional.

Quoted from the original mod page:

Tired of Slaughterfish making you their b*tch? Or simply want to go fishing with a dagger? With this
mod installed you can now enter the water with your weapons/magic drawn,
draw weapons/magic while underwater (use the sneak key to draw while
underwater) and attack/cast/shout while underwater. You can also block
or bash too. Bows, crossbows, torches and ritual spells are the
exceptions. You also cannot attack with your left hand when underwater.

Looking to ambush your prey from above? Or need to jump to fire an arrow or
cast a fireball over an object or from behind cover? You can now.

Do you find it irritating that you character has no problem handling a
battleaxe while on horseback but cannot cast a single spell? Hurl
fireballs or summon  your own Daedric battleaxe while mounted. Easily
outflank enemy mages while letting them have it from horseback. Note
that you can only cast from your right hand."

While the player can do this in vanilla Skyrim, NPC's cannot, leaving them vunerable to being
stagger locked when using mods that stagger an actor on each hit. This
should help alleviate the problem. The player now uses the same stagger
state as NPC's which now has smoother animation blending.

Have you and your enemy started to attack at the same time? Now attempting
to block during this short pre-weapon swing interval will cancel the
attack and quickly and smoothly transition to a blocking state,
preventing injury.

Delay your forward power attack by holding down the attack button, release it
when you want to strike. As of 2.1.0 you can move in any direction
while holding the attack stance. You can also cast with your left hand
while in this state!


Looking for script free player head tracking? It's now a part of this mod. Note
that it only works when the player has no weapons or magic ready and
it's still a bit inconsistent at the moment. 

Notice how in vanilla Skyrim attacks and always "aimed" straight ahead in 3rd
person? With this mod the player AND NPC's will aim their attacks/magic

Now when cancelling your bow attack your character will un-nock their arrow and put it back in their quiver
(this is currently a bit glitchy).

One of the problems with the vanilla game is that NPC's can move too
quickly when attacking which makes them skate along the ground. It also
makes dodging much less effective since they can track you mid attack.
Now NPC's move as quickly as they do with a bow drawn when attacking.

Another issue is that NPC's can rotate at every stage of both normal and power
attacks, making them almost impossible to dodge (in particular the
forward power attack). Now once the NPC reaches the weapon swing part of
the attack, rotation is stopped until the attack window for the next
attack is triggered. This is also applied to normal attacks though the
time frame is smaller (between weapon swing and the hit frame).

When looking down while blocking your character will change to a new low blocking animation.

The getup animation now plays twice as fast.

This version is based on the "No Dodging" version 2.1.2, and I decided to also remove the dual wield blocking feature since there are other mods that add dodging and dual wield blocking. Hopefully this should maximize compatibility with other behavior file mods.

Skyrim and all its DLCs

Nemesis is needed for patching with other behavior file mods

If you don't have any other mods that use behavior files or use FNIS/Nemesis, all you need to do is download the main file and install it using Vortex or a mod manager or even just unzipping it into the Data folder. This patch is standalone and doesn't require the original Character Behaviors Enhanced to run.

If you have other mods that use behavior files or use FNIS/Nemesis, this is my recommended installation procedure:
1. Install any FNIS dependent mods
2. Run FNIS
3. Install Nemesis
4. Install this mod and the Nemesis mod files under "optional files" and overwrite anything if asked
5. Update and run Nemesis
6. Make sure the "Character Behaviors Enhanced.esp" is loaded at the end of your load order

While this patch attempts to maintain compatibility with other behavior file mods using updated Nemesis files for Character Behaviors Enhanced, I cannot guarantee that it will work flawlessly with other behavior file mods due to how Nemesis patches behavior files.  Besides that, it should work fine with other mods.

Bugs and Bug Fixes:
The original mod had quite a few bugs and while this mod tries to fix some major ones, I can't guarantee all of them can be fixed. I did vigorously test the mod to make sure any bugs left were fairly minor and would not hamper player progression. The major bugs I fixed are as follows:

- FIXED: Traveling to Solstheim for the first time would cause the game to get stuck
- FIXED: Blocking with a 1H weapon and an empty left hand would cause strange blocking animations to play in both 1st and 3rd person
- FIXED: The animation that plays when fighting Vyrthur in Dawnguard after he collapses the building would not play correctly
- FIXED courtesy of Skitskurr's patch which is integrated into this patch: Weapon speed scaling didn't work

Also, behavior file fixes from the Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch have now been integrated into this patch since they were not present in the original Character Behaviors Enhanced.

Most of the bugs on the original mod's sticky post are more or less there, but I did want to clarify some of them since some of the listings weren't really correct:

Player can sometimes get stuck in the air when getting fus roh da'ed. Try the console command "player.pushactoraway player 0.1" to fix it (hopefully).
Attack while swimming blending is too heavily blending the attack animation lower body.
Mid air whirlwind sprint shout doesn't work correctly.
Occasional T-pose when magic is drawn on horseback.
Dragon riding is broken. *See below
Blocking doesn't work with left hand weapon and equipped right hand spell. *Not really a bug. Just an unimplemented feature with dual wield blocking
Shouting in mid air only works with weapons drawn.

*Dragon riding in the original mod wasn't actually completely broken. You could still ride a dragon using Bend Will, it's just you can't cast magic from the back of a dragon. I was able to get through Dragonborn DLC without any problem, in addition it's a little redundant to cast magic when you're on the back of a dragon since their breath attack is already magic.

Most of the other bugs listed are either fairly minor visual bugs, extra features that weren't in the original game, or rarely occurred in my tests.

Even though the mod is more or less functional now, there are still a few other bugs that I discovered but couldn't fix but thankfully they are mainly visual and don't seem to cause any problems for progression:
- You no longer fall to your knees during the introduction animation to Miraak when he shocks you
- The cutscene during the Thieves' Guild quest when you meet Karliah isn't framed right since you don't fall to the ground

EDIT: Some more bugs that were discovered by myself and other users:
- Kill moves don't always work
- During and after certain animations (especially certain idles and paired idles added by FNIS), you sometimes go into a jump-fall state that will go away eventually with time
- Getting off a horse can cause a strange rubber-banding behavior to occur where you run excessively fast
- Underwater combat can get stuck sometimes especially when getting in and out of the water really quickly

Some personal thoughts regarding the bugs after using this mod for a long time:
Yes, this mod isn't completely bug-free and there are some bugs still in this mod.  In my time using it though, there are some fixes I've discovered for them.  I highly recommend installing a mod that disables kill moves like this one and a mod that adds a fast dismount feature (I personally use Immersive Horses) since both sidestep the rubber-band dismount bug and kill move bug mentioned above.

Version 3.0.0:
First Release of patch after original CBE
- Traveling to Solstheim bug fixed
- Animation bug when blocking with a 1H weapon and an empty left hand fixed
- Dawnguard animation with Vyrthur collapse fixed
- Weapon speed scaling now works thanks to Skitskurr fix
- Added in hug animation fix from Unofficial Skyrim Patch (did you know that the act of hugging can KILL your loved ones? The more you know... :P )
- Updated Shikyokira's CBE Nemesis files to integrate the above changes

Zartar for the original Character Behaviors Enhanced and his amazing Behavior File Tool with which I fixed his mod with
Skitskurr for his WeaponSpeedMult fix for Character Behaviors Enhanced which he graciously allowed me to integrate into this patch
Arthmoor and the Unofficial Patch Project Team for their amazing unofficial patches and WONDERFUL documentation of changes which allowed me to integrate their fix into this patch
Shikyokira for Nemesis and helping me out with questions regarding making mods compatible with it
Bethesda for making Oblivion which had underwater and jumping attacks and then axing said features in Skyrim... :P