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Requires you to have a container of empty bottles in order to craft potions and poisons. New models for bottles.

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Say goodbye to the days of bottles appearing out of thin air. Now, in order to access an alchemy workbench, you will need to have a Wooden Container of Empty Bottles in your inventory. If you try to activate a workbench without one in your inventory, a notification will be displayed telling you that you need empty bottles and the workbench will not activate.


There's no need to worry about acquiring empty bottles in order to refresh your stock. After drinking a potion, the bottle is automatically added to the wooden container.


I get what they were going for here. I really do. The bigger the bottle is, the more potent the contents. That's a nice concept, but when you think about it, a bigger bottle just means that you are drinking more of the concoction that you brewed. Having more potion per bottle to drink does not equate to potency of said potion, thus there is really no sense of progression. You aren't getting better at alchemy, you can just make more.
So now all the potions and poisons you make will come in the same size bottle and your progression in alchemy is seen in quality rather than in quantity.


Potions now have 10 different color variations. Below is a list of the colors followed by what it's linked to...

  • Black - Poison
  • Blue - Magicka
  • Bright Blue - Water
  • Bright Green - Carry Weight
  • Green - Stamina
  • Gray - Invisibility
  • Orange - Fortify Skill
  • Purple - Cure
  • Red - Health
  • Yellow - Resists


  • Put file(s) in data folder or install with your preferred mod manager.


  • Wooden Container of Empty Bottles can be bought or found as loot and is a one-time purchase (unless discarded).
  • Wooden Container of Empty Bottles has been added to leveled lists via script as to avoid conflicts with other mods.
  • If a potion has more than a single effect, the color will correspond to the first effect listed.
  • The White Phial has not been touched.
  • Potions, except the White Phial, now weigh 0.3 to better match their new bottles.
  • Poisons now weigh 0.3 to better match their new bottles.
  • Skooma now weighs 0.3.
  • Esbern's Potion and Sleeping Tree Sap are both, despite being listed as Potions in-game, labeled as Food in the CK so they were left un-changed.
  • Hearthfires only added Food and was not needed.
  • Potions added by mods will still have their original look.
  • If you use CACO, use 1.0 of this to avoid conflicts.
  • Due to the way the game's engine handles scripts, it is not advised to remove a scripted mod mid-playthrough.
  • Mod cleaned with TES5Edit before being published.


Thanks to Syncing for allowing me to use the original mesh and texture. If you are looking for a Potion replacer with a more varied look, check out his mod Better Potions.