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Personalized Music add-on featuring pieces crafted by the immensely gifted composer León van der Stadt with his permission. Breathes an entirely new aural life into the Skyrim experience.

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A  P E R S O N A L I Z E D  M U S I C  A D D - O N


Anyone who has heard León van der Stadt's work can attest that not only are his pieces inimitable works of art in their own right but also perfectly complement and expand the musical experience of Skyrim (and Morrowind), for which many of his compositions were intended and from which they drew their inspiration. León van der Stadt is an acclaimed composer of symphonic and ambient music based in The Netherlands.

Now with the kind permission of the composer himself, I am elated to offer a Personalized Music Add-On for Skyrim (both LE and SE) featuring a handpicked selection of his work carefully chosen to match the different Skyrim settings for which the compositions would be most appropriate. This add-on brings over one-hundred new tracks ranging from exploration by day and night, dungeons and caves, and even tavern ambiance to Skyrim and Solstheim.

This add-on features selections from the following 
León van der Stadt albums:

Skywind Original Soundtrack
Resdayn Suite
Wyrmstooth Soundtrack
Morrowind Additional Music
The Road to Solitude
Northern Dreams
Ambiance of the Deep

  • Featuring over 100 tracks carefully chosen and added into two dozen musical categories from day and night exploration, day and night town ambiance, dungeon and cave tension music, and more. Includes Morrowind-inspired pieces which play in Solstheim!
  • Compatible with The Northern Diaries Personalized Music Add-On (all pieces in ND are added to Explore - All whereas all pieces in this add-on are added to two dozen other folder categories).
  • Requires Personalized Music for Skyrim.

  1. Install Personalized Music 6.0 or higher.
  2. Install this mod with a mod manager like MO2 or Vortex (recommended), or, if not using, extract the ESP and BSA files to your Skyrim Data directory and enable the ESP in the Skyrim launcher.

Depending on where other add-ons have their music tracks, you may need to renumber the audio tracks so that they do not override the ones in this add-on (it's fine if they do, you will just lose out on whatever tracks are being overridden).

Tracks for this add-on are stored here:
Castle --> MMCastle01.xwm to 02
Combat --> MMCombat01.xwm to 04
DB Dungeon - Apocrypha --> MMDBDungeonApocrypha01.xwm to 03
DB Explore - General --> MMDBExploreGeneral01.xwm to 24
DB Explore - Mountain --> MMDBExploreMountain01.xwm to 05
DB Explore - Snow --> MMDBExploreSnow01.xwm to 02
Dungeon --> MMDungeon01.xwm to 09
Dungeon - All --> MMDungeonAll01.xwm to 04
Dungeon - Cave --> MMDungeonCave01.xwm only
Dungeon - Fort --> MMDungeonFort01.xwm to 03
Dungeon - Ice --> MMDungeonIce01.xwm only
Dwemer --> MMDwemer01.xwm only
Explore - Day --> MMExploreDay01.xwm to 14
Explore - Evening --> MMExploreEvening01.xwm only
Explore - Morning --> MMExploreMorning01.xwm to 02
Explore - Night --> MMExploreNight01.xwm to 08
Soul Cairn --> MMSoulCairn01.xwm
Tavern --> MMTavern01.xwm to 13
Town - Day  --> MMTownDay01.xwm to 03

If you want to add additional music (your own or from another mod), look at the last number in the folder above you want to add the music to and number your tracks after the last number (e.g., for Castle, add tracks beginning with MMCastle03.xwm, then 04, etc.). Please do not extract the BSA of this add-on per the author's request. Be mindful of the track number limits in Personalized Music (stored in text files inside each folder in the base mod).

— All pieces contained in this add-on and all images and content on this page are COPYRIGHT (C) LEÓN VAN DER STADT and may not be used, modified, altered, or redistributed without the original author's express permission.
— Credit and thanks to No_Aardvarks_Allowed for creating the Personalized Music mod and allowing its conversion and distribution to other consoles on Nexus without which none of this would be possible!