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Important update: TraderEvo becomes Traders of Skyrim !


First I want to thank Vanlococo ( ) who has made the english translation for this mod !

About the Mod:

Traders of Skyrim 2.0:

This Mod breaks into 2 parts for now :
I ) Import / Export: A travelling salesman life
II ) Purchasing a Shop: A life of shop owner.

I )
For the Import/Export, you will find 5 new merchants in the following cities : Riften / Windhelm / Whiterun / Markarth / Solitude.
Each one will sell you a unique commodity. This commodity will always be bought at a higher price at the following merchants:
Small profit if you sell the commodity/commodities to a Khajiit caravan.
Good Profit if you sell your commodity at one of the other new merchants.
Big profit if you sell it at one of the general goods stores (vanilla stores) in Dawnstar / Morthal / Winterhold / Falkreath.
The Aim of this mod is to make the trader career possible for your character.
I can’t advise you enough to play the game as much as possible if you are going to use this mod: hire a mercenary, and travel from town to town on your horse via the trade roads!
It is obvious that this mod, coupled with the abuse of Fast Travel or the horse cart will ruin your experience.

II )
This mod allows you to buy 9 vanilla shops:
The 5 general goods stores of the big Holds ( Belethor in Whiterun / Bits and Pieces in Solitude / Etc. )
The 4 remaining (general or apothecary) stores in the smaller Holds.
The first ones will cost around 30 000 septims to purchase and will give you an income of 1000 every half-hour.
The second ones cost around 20 000 septims and give 700 every half-hour.

You can count on around 10 to 15 hours in game (not in menus / inventory/ map/ book) to get back the initial investment.

To make your bourgeois pleasure more varied, you can also purchase 3 special buildings. Those don’t give you gold openly, but a commodity that you’re meant to sell :
Hall of the Dead in Whiterun.
The Orphanage in Riften.
Temple of Dibella in Markarth.
Those buildings will only cost 8 000 septims , for an income of 1200/1500 septims every 2 in-game days.

Those shops and buildings do seem like they are not equally interesting. But BE AWARE : the commodities are PERISHABLE.
The shops will pile up the income gold to infinity, but the production buildings will never pile up for more than 1500 septims worth of merchandise.
Example ! You buy Belethor of Whiterun and the Hall of the Dead. You go explore a dungeon for 3 real hours, so 6 ingame days (imaginary ratio):
The Shop will have 1000 septims x 6 half hours = 6000 septims.
The Hall of the Dead will have no more than 1200/1500 septims worth of merchandise

Don't forget to look at the Read Me.