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Adds some diversity to the civil war battles so not everything is either a "stormcloak soldier" or "imperial soldier". Healers, supporters, tacticians, elites for both sides and more.

Permissions and credits
- Changed devotee effect to refresh once every 13 seconds instead of each second. Please install this one and if you are updating just replace the old version. Also I think I fixed an issue with the attack speed of some soldiers for the non AA framework version.

This is a very small and simple mod that adds new NPCs to the leveled lists of the imperial and stormcloak soldiers... The mod is actually meant to be played with
my enemy overhaul but since its not dependant on it I decided to release it as a standalone. However the NPCs are slightly buffed to match the stats of my other mod as I play with both of them obviously.

- install like any normal mod. Drop it in the data/ open the archive in MO or whatever it is you usually do.
- there are 2 esp files. One that has attack speed set up for use with Attack Speed Framework and one that's for vanilla attack speed. If you install the wrong one you will either get soldiers that attack in slow motion or soldiers that can speed blitz you in an instant without you having the chance to react. Chose one of them and uncheck/delete the other.

- Imperials and stormcloaks have a chance to spawn one of the new NPCs instead of the regular "stormcloak soldier" or "imperial soldier". You can get people that have AoE healing spell on a cooldown, people that buff allies, elite imperials or stormcloaks, tacticians that will use invisibility potions to sneak on someone and ambush them and even some random citizens or warrior partisans that will join the fun when you siege a city. Each side also has a VERY slim chance of spawning a Hero. The hero is incredibly though, fights much better than the lower ranked soldiers and buffs allies to shift the tide of the battle.

- Civil War Overhaul - CWO adds its own NPCs in the same leveled lists and to some extent does what my mod does too. If you load this mod before CWO it simply won't have any effect. If you load it after, the game will probably start pulling my NPCs instead of the CWO ones when you are on a siege but I haven't tested it.
- Open Civil War - compatible and recommended as I use it too. 
- Warzones Civil Unrest - they work together and I heavily recommend the mod and I use it for my game too but the issue here is that the soldiers in Warzones have a little bit worse stats as I planned this mod to work with my enemy overhaul in mind more than Warzones. Also pick up the small patch that will make sure the regular vanilla soldiers still get the new fancy armor from Warzones but also have the new stats. 

Load this mod after other Civil War mods and load Warzones patch(if you have it) after that.

Known problems:
- if you install in the middle of the playthrough and you're on a quest to siege a fort or a city you might get naked soldiers that have 2 armor sets but haven't equipped either. Fortunately this should be only in your following battle and only if its about to start. The battle after that should be fine. 

Weird attack speed? You installed the wrong ESP! But if you're sure you haven't then click on your character or the NPC you have an issue with and write "getav weaponspeedmult" in the console. If you have AS Framework this should be set to 1 by default. If it says 0 but you have AS Framework then for some reason the mod is not working properly. Open the MCM of that mod and tweak the values. Set them to something huge then lower them back to 1 to refresh the mod. 

- I've added NPCs to the factions that unfortunately don't have their lines voiced for their race. For example if you meet an imperial he might say "Can't wait to kill one of Ulfric's boys" and this voice line depends on their faction. The issue comes when you encounter one of the races that aren't from the imperial army in the vanilla game and don't have this quote voiced. So you will not hear anything, just text... Immersion breaking but its a rare occurrence that only happens if you find one of these rare NPCs and spam E on them to hear all their voice lines.

Please if there are other issues report them to make the mod better. Also feel free to give ideas about new possible NPCs.

I was on a siege and the enemy side had like 1 healer more WTF???
- That is because the game spawns random NPC from the leveled list, meaning one side might get luckier in the battle, which I think is fair considering in a war sides usually aren't completely equal. After all this isn't chess where you both have the same pieces.

Can you add some custom armors on some of the NPCs?
- If you mean the way some mods such as Warzones use armors from different creators? Well probably not because many of these mods have been abandoned and the authors won't respond to give permission. I can maybe model my own assets in a future update but no promises.

Spoilers from here on! If you don't want to know everything about the new NPCs don't go further!!!

Leveled lists:

The way the leveled lists look is something like that:

- 1 hero
- 22 regular dudes      
- 2 elite tanks         
- 3 elite berserkers    
- 2 healers             
- 2 devotees
- 3 supporters(4 warriors, 2 hunters, 2 peasants, 3 sneaky types) 
- 1 hero
- 18 regular dudes      
- 2 elite summoners     
- 3 elite tanks         
- 3 healers             
- 3 wizards             
- 3 tacticians(sneaky types) 
- 2 supporters(6 warriors, 3 hunters) 

As you can see the imperials have a bit more diversity for obvious reasons but that's not to say they will have the upper hand in battle. The stormcloaks are more melee oriented, having incredible damage dealers that can also take quite a bit of damage in return and on top of that they can get a Devotee of Talos that will strengthen the group by giving everyone close enough to the devotee attack power and resistance to physical and magical damage to counter the imperials which on the other hand have more magic on their side. Imperials also get better racial diversity and can get people from almost all races on their side.



The hero is a mighty warrior clad in ebony armor. YES! Each side has access to at least 1 good blacksmith!
- Health: Extremely high
- Combat: Parries more, doesn't fear anything and attacks faster than weaker dudes.
- Abilities: At the start of the battle he will make a battle cry that will inspire all allies, giving them movement speed and damage buff for a period of time. Use this to rush and overwhelm the enemy as he won't be spamming this all fight. It has a huge 5-6 minute coodown.

Elite: Berserker
One of the 2 possible elites. Big bearded man that will charge into combat immediately and will attack with devastating power. The berserker is a true nord warrior of the wild, wearing little armor but moving and attacking much faster than the others.
- Health: High
- Combat: Fearless, attacks very quickly and overwhelms opponents with power attacks. He runs much faster than regular soldiers and will quickly reach the target but since he doesn't have great armor and will mostly likely be the 1st to reach the enemy at the start of the battle, you might want to try support him a bit so he doesn't get himself killed if his slightly bigger health bar isn't enough.
- Abilities: none

Elite: Tank
Heavy armored soldier. He is the one that can take the most damage(besides the hero).
- Health: Very high
- Combat: Fearless, tactical combatant. Expect him to bash a lot as he has much better combat than normal soldiers.
- Abilities: none

"I have a lot of respect for restoration. Skyrim could use more healers" - guard
"My daughter died. She was a healer for the stormcloaks" - guy in riften
Well now stormcloaks do have healers.
- Health: Average
- Combat: stays away from melee range, heals allies, uses regular destruction spells when his/her heal is on cooldown.
- Abilities: AoE heal on 10 second cd

Devotee of Talos
The devotee is a mage type soldier that will use destruction spells but more importantly, he will grant allies a small buff to damage resistance, magic resistance and attaack power. The buff stacks so having a bunch of devotees will make your side incredibly resilient.
- Health: Average
- Combat: uses destruction spells form a distance and buffs allies. He is a cloth wearer but has a very powerful Flesh Spell that will make him tougher than the average soldier.
- Abilities: Devotion - 15% attack power, 15% magic resistance and 200 armor buff to all allies in a big radius.

Stormcloak Supporter:
Some people that feel patriotic might join the fun during a battle. As some of the stormcloak officers will tell you-  "You aren't joining a social club, you either fight for skyrim or not".
- Warriors(imperials see them as hired thugs) - have decent armor and health, fights just like a normal stormcloak.
- Hunter - fights from a distance with a bow.
- Random peasant - doesn't scale greatly, doesn't have good equipment(mostly villager clothes + an iron weapon) but despite that he decided to fight for what he believes. Maybe you were attacking a city and he was on the opposite side(meaning yours) and felt brave enough to fight??
- Rogue - not the most honorable warrior but he will fight for your cause regardless. He is a sneaky type character, has invisibility potions and might even get lucky enough to get a paralysis weapon or poison. When he kills his target he will drink his potions and sneak onto the next one or he might use the potions to try to escape.

Support type of characters don't really scale very good into the late game and aren't as hardcore as fighters of the main stormcloak army, meaning they will prefer others to get aggro and will be more cowardly, having bigger chance of fleeing when they feel outmatched.


A guardian of the imperials clad in ebony armor!
- Health: Extremely high
- Comtat: Blocks and bashes like crazy, doesn't fear anything and attacks faster than weaker dudes.
- Abilities: Has an AoE shield buff that gives about 300 armor to all nearby allies. Rushing and overwhelming the imperials will be much harder if they get a hero on their side as he does the exact opposite of what the stormcloak hero does. His armor spell lasts for 20 seconds on a 60 second cd.

Elite: Summoner
He is an expert magician that can conjure several creatures and also uses strong destruction spells.
- Health: Average
- Combat: Summons creatures and attacks with heavy destruction spells from afar.
- Abilities: Summons up to 3 atronachs for 60 seconds on a 65 second cd, meaning killing them is somewhat viable strategy. At low level he will summon primarily flame atronachs while at high level he unlocks access to frost and storm ones and even dremoras however each creature is random every time, meaning at high level he will still be summoning normal atronachs and won't be spamming dremoras all the time.

Elite: Tank

The tank equivalent of the imperials. He is more tactical than the rest and overall a much better fighter.
- Health: Very high
- Combat: Blocks and bashes very often. Don't except to be able to just power attack him while he is in front of you, he will bash you instantly and then smite you with a big power attack! He will try to be more defensive, poking with quick attacks and switching back to blocking with his shield and will power attack enemies while they are bashed and staggered.
- Abilities: none

Fire, frost or shock... He is focused on one of these elements and you better have some resistance against it as he hits harder than other mages.
- Health: Average
- Combat: Devastates enemies with powerful destruction spells from a distance
- Abilities: a big arsenal of destruction spells

Keeps allies alive while also doing significant spell damage. Stay near her to get healed, as her spell doesn't have very big radius.
- Health: Average
- Combat: stays away from melee range, heals allies, uses regular destruction spells when his/her heal is on cooldown.
- Abilities: AoE heal on 10 second cd

He is similar to the rogue stormcloak supporter guy, however since he is an actual soldier he will scale slightly better.
- Health: Average
- Combat: Has invisibility potions and might even spawn with paralysis dagger/poison. He will use the invis potion to sneak up to someone or retreat when on low hp.
- Abilities: Uses invis potions

Imperials also have a chance of getting a supporter on their side, though they would prefer not to let random unarmored civilians to fight.
- Warrior(stormcloaks see them as hired mercenaries) - decent armor and health, just like a normal imperial soldier.
- Hunter - a ranged fighter. Doesn't scale very well.