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An comprehensive immersive NPC overhaul for all female nameless NPCs such as bandits, witches, vampires, forsworn, soldiers, and afflicted.

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Inspired by Ordinary Women, Bjin replacers, and Dames of Skyrim, this mod overhauls all the female nameless NPCs in an immersive manner. The goal of the mod is create realistic representations of what average nameless female NPCs would look like. The fundamental concepts of realistic for this mod means long, messy hairstyles with braids, no anime hair, no unnatural hair colors, no cartoon faces such as "pengu" mouths, beautiful but not super models, and certainly not everyone is young and without wrinkles. Some immersion aspect considered in this mod includes shorter hair for most soldiers, fire spellcaster, and melee characters. ponytails for most archers and hunters, long messy hairs for citizens, witches, and spell casters. Though not 100% perfect, each NPCs are handcrafted over period of months of development. Development will continue to improve and polish.

Currently, only Skyrim and Dawnguard factions are covered in this mod:
- Forsworn
- Generic corpses
- Thalmor
- Dawnguard
- Bandits
- All witches and spellcasters
- Hunters
- Vigilant of Stendarr
- Vampires
- Stormcloaks
- Imperials

KS Hairdo renewal is required

Recommend using is it with a good skin texture such as SG Female Texture Renewal, Mature Skins, and True Daughters of Skyrim.

Install through mod manager. Uninstall is safe, if there are conflicts with other NPC mods, please move my mod on top of your other NPC mods.