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Uploaded back on February 9th, 2016 and was lasted updated back on October 28th, 2016 by a Nexus user named BasaraStyle; SAO Excalibur makes its return from the ashes.

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To those who don't know what this mod is: This is the Holy Sword Excalibur, as shown in the manga and anime series Sword Art Online.

Due to how it was discovered that there were corrupted and missing files, I enlisted the help of a Nexus User named allseeingeye2. Thanks to them, the weapon mod was restored in all of its full spectacular and awesome glory.

It can be found outside of Winterhold on the right side of the path leading into Winterhold thrusted into a pedestal. It'll be near and above Rundi's Altar, located atop a glacier just southeast of the College of Winterhold (as shown in pictures/images above).

With a heavy heart, I have to inform Nexus Users that it is unavailable for Skyrim Special Edition, since it is unable to make it through the porting process... T~T
Nonetheless: the one handed sword is here for lovers of Sword Art Online and of the Arthurian Legend to wield in the game~!

Here at the STATs for SAO Excalibur below:
Base Damage: 33
Weight: 30
Sale Price: 1,200 Gold

And if you don't feel like traveling all the way to Winterhold to obtain it from its resting place, it is CRAFTABLE AT FORGES~!
You'll find the creation recipe under the Daedric category.

This is the recipe to make it at any Forge:
1 Leather Strip
1 Ebony Ingot
1 Gold Ingot
2 Refined Moonstone
1 Refined Malachite

I hope you greatly enjoy the mod, Skyrim Nexus Mod Users! Feel free to post your in-game pics of using this magnificent sword in-game besides the ones above.