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Adds three Haste spells that temporarily boost movement speed, like a magical sprint.

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This mod adds three Restoration spells, "Haste" through "Haste III", that boost the caster's movement speed for as long as the spell is active. An alternate version is also available that places the spells in the Alteration school instead.

  • Haste, an Adept level spell, uses a modest amount of magicka and gives you a speed boost similar to normal sprinting. Haste III, a Master level spell, uses a lot of magicka but gives you a tremendous boost, letting you easily flee from or outmaneuver almost anything…for a few moments. Haste II is in the middle.
  • These are concentration spells. They are in effect only as long as the cast button is held down, and consume magicka steadily over time. This is similar to how sprinting works, but using magicka instead of stamina.
  • The spells cannot be dual-cast or otherwise stacked for more speed. Attempting to do so will have no effect other than wasting magicka. You can, however, do something else (swinging a weapon, casting another spell) with your other hand.
  • Gives you something to help train your Restoration some more. :)
  • Spell books are sold by vendors, like any other Restoration spell

Feedback welcome, especially about the balance implications of this mod.


This mod adds spells to vendors and loot. This is likely to conflict with any other mod that does so, including my own Feather Spells, in which case only one of the mods will actually succeed in adding its spells to the vendor/loot lists.

To fix this, you'll need to generate a Bashed Patch using Wrye Bash. This will merge the leveled lists together, solving the problem.