About this mod

This mod will replace the models and textures for all of the arrows in the game except Dawnguard SunHallowed and BloodCursed. There is an All in one (if you want them all) or individual files (if you only want specific ones).
Custom created models and textures for each.

Permissions and credits
I Want Better Arrows by Nicoroshi Version 1.3

Reason for this mod:

I mainly play archer type characters, and although i have created many custom sword, axe, and bow models to use the one thing I always wanted was BETTER ARROWS!
So I made them. :)

I did not do ones I felt were halfway decent but concentrated on the ones that really needed the help IMHO.

I may return at some point to do the others but for now I have done 7 of the ones I felt needed it most.

as of version 1.3 I have done them all except sunhallowed and bloodcursed.

What does this mod do?

This mod is a straight replacer of the models and textures the game uses. There is NO .esp file. This does NOT overwrite anything contained in the stock .bsa files but adds files to the file structure in the locations the game will find them and use the loose files over the ones in the .bsa.
This mod will NOT change the stats of any arrow.
Only how they look.
NPCs will also use the new models for whatever arrow they have equipped so basically already added to the leveled lists.

As of version 1.2 I believe I have all arrows in the game covered with replacers. :)

Note: I was unable to get the BloodCursed or SunHallowed arrows from Dawnguard to work in Legendary Edition but was able to in Special Edition. So those two will only be included as replacers for Special Edition.

What are the installation options?

There is an All in One file that contains all redone arrows. Use this if you want them all.

There are single files for each arrow type as well so you can choose what you want (or don't want) in your game. Use these if you only want some but not all.


Unzip the file to your Skyrim folder or install with a mod manager.

That's it. :)


If for any reason you decide stock arrows are for you then use the mod manager to remove the mod. Your game will revert back to using the files in the .bsa that came with the game.

If you installed manually then find the folder under Data/meshes /weapons/ (name of the type of arrow to be removed), and delete (name of arrow).nif, and (name of arrow)projectile or flight.nif
Under Data/ textures/ weapons delete the folder called 'I want better Arrows'

DLC arrows are found under the dlc01 or dlc02 folders.

Bingo.. You're back to the stock arrows.

Credits, and Thanks:

HUGE Thank you to my good friend PhatBassAnchor who stood by my crazy OCD tweaking, and revisions from beginning to end on this mod. He was invaluable for play testing,  real life archery experience, as well as having a good eye for detail, color, function, and how well it fits with other items in the game.
This mod would not be nearly as good without your constant feedback, and support.
Thank you again. :)


All assets in this mod are to stay specific to this mod, this site, and this game.

If you want to use any part of it for ANYTHING you need to get my permission first.

I'm a reasonable guy, and can be contacted here on the nexus. Just ask. :)

Version History:

1.0 initial release

1.1 Replaced testure map on Ebony arrows

1.2 Added Dragonbone, Ancient Nord, Falmer, Forsworn, Glass, Nord Hero, Nordic, and Stalhrim.

Reworked fletching threads as well as updated some textures with transparency improving look.

1.3 Updated/ Replaced the model and textures for Orcish. Made the metal for Nordic look used. Added veins to Ancient Nordic fletching feathers.