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Each Jarl now has his pet that follows him all day ! (No DLC required)

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Each Jarl now has his pet that follows him all day ! (No DLC required)

You can also buy scrolls from Hulda or Arcadia (Whiterun) to spawn a multitude of cats all around you ... and thus repopulate Skyrim with these animals !

Adds 5 companions: Breezehome (1), Proudspire Manor (1), Honeyside (1) + Riften (2)



DracoWarrior729 for the cats/khajiits in Creatures of Nirn - Khajiit Alfiq

The hunt is on ! Can you find this Easter Egg ! ? (This cat has many gifts for you, and can follow you if you want)

Bugs or Problems

« Also, one of the 'cats' had the voice of a Khajiit. It asked me "How can I help you?" »

This is normal (and intended). There is no dialog box because the cats follow the jarls (it's either one or the other; the two together cause bugs ... i tried it in another mod).

« i can’t see the body » (or the head !)

I don't understand, because i can see all the cats in my game (my screens). Other mod who cause this conflict ?

Message by « soupdragon1234 » :

« You don't have HDT-SMP by any chance? Theres something about the extra head node on the skeever skeleton the models use to animate that HDT doesn't like. Invisible models is a known problem with HDT under certain conditions. »

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