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This mod adds the Black-Briar Treasury. 20 citizen-owned safes, a big storage room, chests, display cases, strongboxes, statues, jewelery, gold - it's all waiting for the taking, but it won't be easy. Requires all DLC.

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New treasury mod is out on the nexus! I hope you enjoy, happy thieving!

Hall of Artifacts - Treasury

The Black-Briar Treasury
This mod adds a treasury to the world of Skryim, just outside of Markarth. Owned by the Black-Briar family, the treasury safekeeps gold, jewelry, and other valuables for many of the prominent citizens of Skyrim. You decide how the heist will go down - will you charge in and massacre the place with your companions, or will you take a stealthy approach?

If you decide to take a stealthy approach, your best course of action would be looking for information that would help you execute the robbery more smoothly - look for the office. You can also decide whether you want to lockpick the safes, or pickpocket the owners of the safes for the keys they carry at all times. Alas, you will still need to avoid the guards that roam the storage!

I'll leave it at that and let you explore the rest, enjoy!

Requires all DLC

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- I never got this mod to the state that I wanted it to be in, because I started a new heist mod, which is much more complete, polished, better designed, and generally 10x better than this one in all aspects, nevertheless I still wanted to post this in case someone wanted something like this more than the new mod.
- This mod is actually over a year old, but I only recently found the time to publish it.