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About this mod

Adds three sets of Argonian armor and weapons, based on the Arbiter character from Halo.

Permissions and credits

"I have had many names in this long war. The humans knew me as Destroyer.
In the Covenant, I was Supreme Commander.
The Prophets named me . . . Arbiter."

-Thel 'Vadam

The Saxheel tell stories of an ancient armor, from the times of the mighty Xanmeers.  It was said that in times of need, the Hist would choose the greatest warrior from among them.  The warrior would be given this armor, and be named 'Arbiter.'  It was this Arbiter that would fight the Hist's greatest battles, and lead the Saxheel to glory.  It is said that during the Great War a new Arbiter was named, and donned the ancient armor, ready to protect his people from the Thalmor.  Some say that he wears it still, and that this Arbiter has come to Skyrim, ready to fight should another war break out...

With The Master Chief Collection on PC quickly releasing all of the old Halo games, I've been playing through Halo 2 Anniversary for the first time.  (The graphics upgrades are incredible!)  I had always though it would be cool to add the Elites to Skyrim, but surprisingly enough it hasn't been done after all these years.  I'd do it myself, but a race with custom models and animations was not something I had the ability to do.  Mashing up armor, however; that I can do!  At some point it occurred to me that the Dragon Carved Armor by hideto84 is a VERY close approximation of the Arbiter's armor.  Using that as a base, I simply added a pauldron, found a helmet that was pretty close, and created a surprisingly convincing Argonian Arbiter.  It's not perfect by any means, but I thought it would be a fun little mashup.  Enjoy!

This mod mashes up the Dragon Carved Armor by hideto84 with a few other pieces to create three new sets of armor, loosely based on the Arbiter's armor from the Halo series, as well as three different Energy Swords to match.

-The Arbiter's Armor is a light armor made for stealth, with an active camouflage enchantment that activates while crouching as well as other stealth enhancements.  It is about the same level of protection as the Nightingale set, and it is tagged as Steel Plate and will apply all those smithing perks.

-You can upgrade the armor to a golden version using gold ingots.  The golden version is functionally the same as the gray version.

-The third armor set is a golden heavy armor based on the Arbiter's Kaidon Armor from Halo 5.  It is more made for battle than stealth, with enchantments that resist magic and buff protection.  It is about the same level as ebony armor, and it is tagged as Gilded Elven and will apply all those smithing perks.

-The regular and golden energy swords have a high level shock enchantment.  The Arbiter's personal sword, the Prophets' Bane, has a high level flame enchantment.  It is also heavier and more powerful.

-Both shields use the Spellbreaker enchantment and will block incoming magic.

-All items can be enchanted on top of their default enchantments.

The regular armor and two swords can be found on the Arbiter himself in the Argonian Assemblage in Windhelm, where he resides with his people.  The golden version can be forged from gold, using the original armor as a base.  The Kaidon armor and the Prophets' Bane can be found in a locked chest.  The Arbiter carries the key with him.

-The only way to get the armor from the Arbiter is to pickpocket or kill him.

-Sometimes the stealth enchantments stops triggering properly when you crouch.  Un-equipping and re-equipping the armor should reset it.

-Make the Arbiter available as a follower.
-Clean up the shield and sword textures, they're a little rough.
-Figure out how to make the shields and swords "pop" on and off like real energy weapons.
-Animate the energy weapons so they shimmer and pulse.

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