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The first audio enhancement mod I will be covering is an incredibly well done overhaul called, Psyrim 2.0 Total Music Overhaul. This mod completely overhauls the music within the game adding 61 new music tracks from exploring to the main menu. The music is changed to Psytrance/Ambient Trance music, and it fits the game almost perfectly. It almost has a Mass Effect like feel, but it greatly fits the fantasy setting, giving the game a more mystical and wondrous feeling, more of a mysterious world. I recommend this mod highly if you want your game to feel more mysterious and mystical.


Replaces ALL of the music with ambient, psychedelic trance, creating a magical, other world fantasy.

See example videos..





Use NMM or put Music folder into Skyrim\Data


Might intefere with mods that change any of the original music


All the music is sourced from

Used under the Creative Commons - Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.


Track list
Tracks correct for version 3.2

Jaja - Aero
Jaja - Novae
New Age Hippies - Intro First Darkness
Reactive - Free Search
Jaja - Stellae
Alexander Daf - We Bring The Light
Perfect Blind - Passing Nebulae
Harax - Dreamy
Perfect Blind - Shrouding
Perfect Blind - Train Of Thoughts (2009 Mix)

Jaja - Once
Jaja - Cosmos
Jaja - Moonlit
Reactive - Free Search
Jaja - Ever
Jaja - Connect
Scabeater - Frostbitten Heartbeat
Frost-RAVEN - Infected Trench
Phobium - Basic Time Bending Technique
Paranormal Activity - Flinchendoktor

Phobium The Mirror
Proton Kinoun - Skyward Dreams
Frost-RAVEN - The Void
Proton Kinoun - Peripheral System
Metaphorical Cloud - Morphing
Phobium - Another Orbit Around The Sun
Proton Kinoun - Illimitable
Jaja - Talis
Phobium - In The Wake Of Voyager
Frost-RAVEN - Nebula
Healer - Monofonica
Access To Arasaka - AUG
Jaja - Beyond.mp3
Irukanji feat. JazzyFlute - Out From Little Box (AstroPilot Edit)
Frost-RAVEN - The Big Nothing
Jaja - Aero
Phobium - Oslo November 2019
Frost-RAVEN - Solar Wind
36 - A Final Thought
Hybrid Leisureland - Space Light

AstroPilot - Svoboda
Healer - Polarity
Rabitza - Port
Jaja - Rain
Oddi - Rebirth

Healer - 1000 Years -
Ambient Intelligent Application - Via Lactea (AstroPilot Edit)
Jaja - Upon
Jaja - Arise
Jaja - Medeor
Jaja - Revelation
Jaja - Run

Jaja - Moonlit

Frost-RAVEN - Ka'thas

Frost Raven - Hunter