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Changes the amount of gold from Bandits, Thieves, Coin Purses, Chest, Urns, Strongboxes, Corpses, Various NPCs, and Containers

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GOLD is a very simple mod that changes the gold found. The main purpose of this mod is to reduce the amount of time it takes to earn gold and not sell a bunch of items to get any worthy returns.


This mod changes the leveledItem list for gold which is used throughout Skyrim. 

Sources changed:
  • Bandits
  • Thieves
  • Coin Purses
  • Chest
  • Urns
  • Strongboxes
  • Corpses
  • Various NPCs, and Containers

There are currently four different scales of how these drops are adjusted. All of which can be picked in the FOMod.
  • 2x
  • 5x
  • 10x
  • 20x

Since this mod does not modify base list of bandits, chest, etc, but modifies the existing leveleditem list for gold,  you may get the vanilla gold or the increased amount from this mod. I may change how this works and increase the chances of getting the modified amount of gold so that you always get more gold according to the appropriate modifier ESP.

Existing save games and explored places may not have their gold adjusted. The npcs and loot was already generated. This isn't a problem if the place is cleared out and the enemies respawn. 

Mod Compatibility

GOLD should be compatible with any mod that changes leveled list.


"Are the DLC included in the changed sources."
This mod should work with the DLC. Even if its not required by the mod. NPCs and containers added by the dlc still use the modified leveleditem list.