Vrykul Race by Kristoffer
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Adds two races to the game, Vrykul and Vrykul child, based on the Vrykul of Warcraft lore; half-giant natives of Northrend and the progenitors of mankind.

Version 1.0 is essentially a scaled-up Nord race, with racials appropriate for Vrykul.

Adult male: 1.5 scale
Adult female: 1.45 scale
Child male: 1.1948 scale
Child female: 1.1948 scale

Vanilla children stand at .8 scale. The tallest vanilla race is the High Elves, which stand at 1.08 scale.

Vrykul have increased damage with melee weapons and increased base carrying capacity, making them excellent heavy-armor fighters.
+10 each to Two-handed, One-handed, and Heavy Armor; +5 to Smithing.
Vrykul Roar: causes enemies to flee.
Vrykul Prowess: +10 melee weapon damage. Does not show up in Active Effects for some reason, but I've tested it to make sure it's actually present.

Vrykul children will appear in their underwear due to how Skyrim handles armor on child races. My new mod "Playable Children PLUS" addresses this issue for the starting clothing.

Also note that in order to complete the Dark Brotherhood questline you will need Higher Magic DB CookQuest Fix. This is a custom race fix, which allows the conversation with the Solitude cook to proceed.