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Prevents sun damage while wearing a helmet or armor based hood.

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Have you ever noticed how Serana equips a hood whenever outside? Presumable this is to negate the negative effect the sun has on vampires. So, based on the assumption that this is official lore, I made this so that you can also benefit from covering your head.

  • While wearing a helmet or armor based hood you will suffer no damage from the sun.
  • Depending on the item, cloth hoods may or may not be thick enough to protect against the sun.
  • Any helmets or armor based hoods added by DLC are included.
  • Any helmets or armor based hoods added by mods, assuming the correct keyword has been added (ArmorHelmet), are included.
  • You will still progress through the 4 stages as usual, you just won't have the Weakness to Sunlight debuff.


  • Put file(s) in data folder or install with your preferred mod manager.


  • Just in case there is any confusion, even though I mentioned Serana earlier, DG (nor any other DLC) is not required.
  • Mod cleaned with TES5Edit before being published.