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This mod adds one two handed SpiritFoxy Blade to Silverdrift Lair stuck in the floor near the word wall. And one single handed version of the same blade right next to it :)

Permissions and credits
SpiritFoxy Blade v1_1

Reason for this mod:

I was looking at Daz studios website checking out the models for sale there for some ideas when I came across this blade in their free models section.

I liked the look of it so downloaded it, modified the files, and added it to my game for my character to use.

I have seen many cool sword mods, but nothing quite like this, and figured that a lot of players would also like to use this.

I e-mailed the sword's creator SpiritFoxy, and asked for permissions to add this to Oblivion.

She replied that she would be honored. :)

Fast forward a few years, and I added this to my Skyrim installation.

I again contacted SpiritFoxy and asked for permissions to release this for her in Skyrim.

She was nice enough to grant me permissions to do so for Skyrim.


Thanks to her for allowing me to share this with everyone.

What This Mod Does:

This mod adds one SpiritFoxy Blade to Silverdrift Lair next to the word wall.
It also adds one Spiritfoxy Sword  (one handed version) at  the same location.


Unpack the 7zip. Open the files, and find the file labeled 'Data'.

Edit\Copy this data file to your Skyrim folder

When prompted to overwrite files with the same name answer "Yes".

Load the game and place a checkmark next to SpiritFoxy Blade.esp in the Data directory.

Play, and enjoy.

Or use a mod manager and skip to the fun.

Thanks, and Credits:

Big huge thanks to SpiritFoxy for creating the original mesh, and texture for this awesome weapon, and for granting permissions for me to convert it for use in Skyrim, and to release it.

Go check out her awesome 3D art at Deviant Art.


Please contact SpiritFoxy for gaining permissions to use this file in anything other than re-release of the mod in it's original form.

Version history:

1.0 Initial Release

1.1 added a single handed version of the model in the same location.