Suncrest Hall by theastroboy
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Suncrest Hall


This mod adds a mansion called Suncrest Hall to the world of Skyrim. As the name suggests, this house gives striking views of the constellations and skys. My main goal in making this mod was to seamlessly blend in functionality and design. This will not add 15 chests in a room and call it a "house", this mod attempts to integrate all your functional needs in an aesthetic manner/manor (pun) where the meaning of decoration and storage is blended together.

NOTE: I had originally planned to implement a cave system that took the pc up to an unknown mountain summit; but, because I did not want to go through a bloody cave everytime I wanted to go to the house. I dropped the cave. So for your peace of mind, know that the entrance to the house is merely a door that leads to a cave, that leads up to a mountain summit.

If I get enough free time, I will create an exterior overhaul in which the house will be moved and will reflect the "path" up the summit.


- Aesthetically flowing house with complete functionality
- Craftsman's grotto complete /w forge, workbench, smelter and grindstone
- Servants quarters
- Sparring Room
- A study /w alchemy lab/enchanting station
- Personal Garden
- Master Bedroom
- Display Room
- Vault that would make Mercer Fray piss his pants.

- Plenty of storage space throughout the house
- Fully functional map that doubles as a teleporter
- A vast library throughout the house (you'll never any more firewood/kindle)
- Displays of relics that you have seen throughout your adventures in Skyrim
- Map Marker (of course)
- Fully navmeshed to house companions
- FPS friendly lighting system

Upcoming Features:

- Personal Chef
- Wife compatibility
- Planetarium
- Switchable Lights

(Note: this mod is designed to seamlessly upgrade to the next patch, meaning: you will most likely lose nothing during the next release.)

How to Get There:

The house is North-East of Ivarstead and is surrounded by five waterfalls. You can get there by teleporting to the NIlheim (its a tower) near ivarstead and going down the waterfall under the bridge; or you can go down the road in a north-easternly direction search for 5 waterfalls. If you're lazy type "coc 0suncresthall".

Initial upload

- Exterior Navmesh completed
- Vault completed
- Display room added
- Dining room removed, Sparring room added
- Smelter added
- Sky changed from Sovengarde to Mountains
- Side of porch fixed (invisible sides)
- Fixed reversed curtains in the main hall

-Navmesh fix

Double npcs in some cells fixed

NOTE: Do not touch any gold bars in the vault.

Will be compatible with all mods that do not change the exterior of the house. So if a mod places a house in the exact same place that this house is in, than it will not be compatible.

Big thanks you to Blessing01 for his amazing ideas and helping me bug test this housing behemoth. Also Kennyimpala and Stravides for helping sort out a few bugs.