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This mod adds one Ayleid themed Quinga Bow to Pinepeak Cavern.

Permissions and credits
Readthis for Quinga Bow v1.0

Reason for this mod:

This mod was created to fill a request from MadCat221 to create a replacement Quinga bow for the Ayleid Meteoric Weapons mod For Oblivion.

It was also agreed that this bow would be made available as a separate release for those that just wanted the bow.

I felt it would be a good addition to Skyrim as well.

What It Does:

This mod adds one Quinga Bow to Pinepeak cavern North of Ivarstead.

It is almost as powerful as Daedric (base 18 whereas Daedric is 19) and slightly faster.

It can be crafted and upgraded as well with the Elven smithing perk.

[NOTE]: the common soul gem you need to upgrade MUST be filled with a Common Soul.

About the Quinga Bow:

It is Ancient, and was crafted by the Aylieds. It's design, and coloration directly reflects that influence.


Unpack the archive. Drop the folder marked "Data" into your Skyrim Directory.

Be sure and place a checkmark by "Quinga Bow.esp" in the data directory at Skyrim start-up.

Or use a mod manager, and skip to the fun :)


Thanks to MadCat221 for the concept art this bow was based on, and the permissions to release this separately.


None without asking me first.

Just ask.....I'm a reasonable guy and can be PMed on the Nexus.

Version History:

1.0 First release