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DAR randomizer version for Edg3k's male idle animations mod.

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This is a randomized version of the Male Idle Animations Replacer mod, using theĀ Dynamic Animation Replacer (requirement), so that you don't have to choose just a single idle replacer from the original, but can have them all instead.

The original mod contains 5 animations: VanillaTweaked (same as vanilla, but more natural pose), Relaxed (relaxed breathing, hanging arms, gentle looped head shaking), Crossed Arms, Examine (crossed arms with a lean-in loop), and Study pose.
The VanillaTweaked option is now a base replacer for the vanilla animation, and the other 4 versions are dynamic random replacers. Thus all 5 animations have an equal 20% chance to be played.
Having the VanillaTweaked version as a last-resort replacer ensures that the game's vanilla animation will never be played. If you already have a vanilla replacer installed and want to keep it for the 5th slot, load it after this mod.

There are 5 files for this mod. There is an optional player only edition, a non-mannequin edition, and player-only or non-player-only female variants.
  • The files in the Main files are mutually exclusive, meaning you must only use one.
  • The files in the Optional files can be used as standalone without the main file, or in together in a combination with of one of the main files. Using both male and female variants together (both for all NPCs) for all genders is a valid idea for example. The mod manager will show that the _condition.txt files are conflicting - load the main file's txts after the option file's ones.

  • Recommended: with your favorite mod manager.
  • Manual: extract the files to your skyrim data/ directory.


  • It's just a DAR "plugin", it's safe to uninstall at any point.

The project priority is very low, so it should be fully compatible, and have no impact on other dynamic replacer mods that alter the male idles (such as EVG - Conditional Idles). If you still come across another mod that uses the same project priority number, let me know and I'll lower this mods values.

According to the original mod's stickied post, it is free to be used as a resource, that is why I decided to upload this version, and it's released under the same conditions.

Endorse the original, and endorse DAR - I'm just a packager here :-)

Version history:
  • 1.1: Fixed incorrect percentages of the chances of the animations.
  • 1.0: Initial release.