Pinewoods Cottage by Blary
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Pinewoods Cottage ver1.0bfixed

by Blary

I am sorry, but I cannot speak English. Therefore, this sentence uses the machine translation.
I may not understand your words, but please forgive it.

This mod add a cottage that player can use own house. Its location is North-East of Falkreath City.
House has all Crafting Furniture and some special useful object .

1. Extract the downloaded data
2. Copy(or OBMM) the [Data/]folder to Skyrim/ , and check the esp.

If you installed this mod and start Skyrim, you can find Mapmaker near Pinewatch (please see location SS).
And when you enter the house, you can find a spelltome in entrance. If you cast this "Take Me Home!"(conjuration)spell ,you can teleport to Cottage directly.

For several objects....

>>Technical books (Location:Workspace)
*There are three Technical Books (Alchemy/Enchant/Smith)in Workspace. When you read (activate) books, your skills will improve temporarily.

>>Altar (Location:Bedroom)
*You can choose your Divine Altar by your self. If you want to change it, please activate night table that is under altar.There are 9 Divines and 1 extra altar.

>>Mystic Map (Location:Bedroom)
*You can teleport to all city and joined guilds headquarter.
 !Caution! You can teleport even if the FT cant use on the progress of some quest. In that case, please donot use Map.

>>Strange Chest (Location:Bedroom)
*Its located back left of the room.
There is one Letter in front of chest, and you get Call Chest! spell when you read it. so, you can activate(open) this chest by this spell wherever you are.

>>Bath (Location:Basement)
*When you bathing, your speech skills will improve temporarily.

Caution and Note, known Problem
*Install this mod, sometimes there is one Redpoint(enemy marker) on HUD. Its located in front of cottage. I think it is an enemy that fall to under ground. but he has not affected for FT and wait.but would seem to be displayed even if there is a distance...
*When you FT to cottage, bandits are swawn and attack you sometimes. If kill them, there are automatically die next spawn.

!There problem depend on the save data. In my test play, one savedata cause this problem and another has none!

*As for the Mystic map and Return home spell, it can teleport you even if the FT cant use on the progress of some quest. In that case, please donot use Map and Spell.
*You can FT from cottage directly.
*Potion and Ingots in Lab, there can use like containers.