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About this mod

This mod edits the telekinesis spell so that it does damage based on the weight of the item thrown. It also makes several other light balance changes so that the spell is easier to use.

Permissions and credits
Should throwing a piece of salmon at an enemy do the same damage as throwing a sword or a heavy piece of armor?  Probably not.  This mod changes that by making items thrown with telekinesis do damage based on their weight and in some cases weapon damage.

Note: These requirements may change in the future.  The actual contents of the mod do not require any DLC.  However, this mod is a port from SE, and unfortunately, the ESP sees all the master files as requirements.  If it tries to load without all of the DLC required, the game will crash.  I don't fully understand how to change this, but once I figure out how to do so I will.

This mod requires SKSE
Note: This is a permanent requirement, unlike the others.

This mod changes the damage telekinesis does dynamically.  A script is attached to the telekinesis spell which updates damage based on the item the player is holding with the spell.

Damage Calculation:

Damage = ((2.5 * Weight ) + Weapon Damage)

Bows and Crossbows do not add their weapon damage because they have no sharp edges or points.

Other Changes:
General changes to game settings to make items move faster under the effects of telekinesis
Optional: Magicka cost of telekinesis reduced by half (170 to 85)

I have not discovered any incompatibilities yet.  Any mod which edits the telekinesis spell or telekinesis related game settings will have to be loaded before this mod to get the effects of this mod.
I recommend also downloading a realistic weights mod.  This will add some realism when throwing items like ingots.

Future Plans:
This mod is effectively completed.  I may update the mod to make balance changes. I might alter the damage calculation to be slightly more accurate.

Skyrim Special Edition Version

Other Notes:
This mod is a port of the special edition version. I've tested and downloaded this mod and it seems to work fine, but if you have any issues please contact me, and I will be pleased to work to fix them.