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Hello! this is my first release on the nexus, Nightshade Cottage is a Nightingale themed home in a small forest area of the Evergloam: the daedric realm of Nocturnal, It comes with a few secrets and items to assist any doing a thief play through.


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Hello! welcome to my first release ever on the nexus, Nightshade Cottage, a thieve's home built in the evergloam; Nocturnal's realm of oblivion, This mod includes a decent sized cottage, resting in a lush forest, absolutely full of all kinds of plants, I made this house for a friend's bday and thought id see what happens when i publish it, and if I'm honest this is really cool, since ive been playing skyrim with mods for quite a few years now, I'ts really neat making one and publishing it, I hope you all like it!

Please feel free to report any bugs and/or things I forgot

Keep an eye out for some of my future releases! I have quite a few ideas for projects I'd love to do (most involve daedric realms)

Location: Just Northwest of Riften, you can already travel to the portal

I wish you luck with the 5 riddles, some of them could be better but i think theyre hint enough (if i get enough comments about some being too vague ill consider changing them)

NOTE: the riddles all lead to 5 seperate locations, inside and outside of the house.

(also any advice on how to format this better would be more than welcome, im still figuring this publishing thing out)

Update 2.0 is released! I spruced the interior up, finished the basement, added a portal to Nightingale Hall, the key is in Nightingale hall, right next to the portal door, so you dont access it early
IMPORTANT: before you update remove all items you wanna keep in the wardrobe under the stairs, if you tcl and look behind it, you'll see why ;)

The other locked door goes to a staff enchanter, you need the same key used to access the one in Tel Mithryn

Feedback is more than welcome!