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Tutorial of how to use scripts to eliminate \"flickering\" of dynamic lights when there are more than 4 near the player.

Permissions and credits
These are the same scripts shown on my blog:

They work as advertised.

No permission is needed from me to use these in your mod(s), and/or modify the code. I encourage it!

However, if the code is modified from its original form, then you then MUST make the source code available -- as per the GNU General Public License.

I recommend extending these scripts to suit your needs, rather than modifying them directly. But, that's for you to decide and not for me to enforce.

I think that's fair. If you find these useful, then thanking me would be nice, too. ;)

I guarantee backwards compatibility of the most recent version of these scripts with any mods built using any previous version. Deprecated features will never be removed, default behavior will never be changed, and existing properties will never change names or be removed.

MODS CURRENTLY USING THESE SCRIPTS (listed with author's permission):

Deus Mons by Eldiabs -
High Hrothgar with Just In Time Lighting by Daemonjax -
More Dynamic Shadows by PuuLoo -
Ranger Ridge by Eldiabs -


a) Add a more detailed explanation (and screenshots) to the tutorial for the new 1.12 feature.



a) Added new flag to LightingBallController named "specialCaseIsDoorTrigger" which toggles a feature to make it easier for modders to work with cells that have multiple entrances/exits (tutorial in the works, using High Hrothgar cell). Deprecates the disableAllLights() from 1.11.
b) Re-enabled self-checking by default.


a) Added function disableAllLights() to LightingBallController to make it simpler for other scripts to disable all lights on all balls attached to a controller (deprecated in 1.12).
b) Minor code cleanup.


a) Added a timer feature to LightingBalls. You can now turn on/off attached lights depending on the time of day (video demonstration available).
b) Added the ability to chain LightingBalls together to achieve your goal (see tutorial).