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Four replacers for the Jarl sitting animation.
Including only for female, male and the Dragonborn.

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Jarl Sitting Animations
by Xtudo

Based on the awesome idea of Mur4s4me I did four replacers for the Jarl sitting animation.
See the comparison screen to choose which one you like the most.

Each replacer have 04 options:
  • VANILLA: Will replace for all the characters. No requirements.
  • FEMALE: Will replace only for females. Requires FNIS, and remember to check and run GENDER Specific Animations in FNIS' patcher.
  • MALE: Will replace only for males. Requires FNIS, and remember to check and run GENDER Specific Animations in FNIS' patcher.
  • PLAYER: Will replace only for the Dragonborn. Requires Dynamic Animation Replacer - DAR.

The fun thing is that you can mixture the animations, one for males, other for females and other for the player. For this you need the required mods installed of course.

The "Animation 04" includes an edited Windhelm Throne, to avoid the clipping of the right hand. It's optional, install it if you want.

RANDOMIZER version added, it requires Dynamic Animation Replacer - DAR.
Now the game will randomly choose between 05 animations, the classical vanilla plus the four new ones, for all the NPCs and the player too.

I did it for my game and now I'm sharing it, I hope you like it.

  • Ver 1.0 - Release.
  • Ver 1.1 - Chances for the Randomizer version updated.
  • Ver 1.2 - Chances for the Randomizer version updated again. Thanks to Cim for the head-up
  • Ver 1.3 - Fixed one error with the Randomizer package.
  • Ver 1.4 - The wrong RAR file was uploaded, now the Randomizer is truly fixed. Please delete the folder "Data\Meshes\Actors\Character\Animations\DynamicAnimationReplacer\_CustomConditions\7205" of your game, if you have it from older versions (v1.1).


  • Many thanks to JRICH604 for the Fomod version.
  • Many thanks to Mur4s4me for the idea, he is a great person!
  • Many thanks to Bethesda for making such a piece of art! I love you guys/gals!

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