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Crafted potions and poisons weigh 0.1 rather than 0.5. Works retroactively.

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Name: Lightweight Potions and Poisons (Multilingual)

By: JustinOther

Version: 2.4 (11/19/2012)

Description: This will drop the weights of potions and poisons (crafted only for now) from 0.5 to 0.1. Supports Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, and Spanish Skyrim installations. This will not work for other languages. If you'd like to see your language added, please message me here.

Install: Unpack and place the ESP and BSA to Skyrim\Data, then load with your your launcher or favorite load order tool. All strings are in the BSA. Delete any old, loose string files found in SkyrimDataStrings starting with 'Lightweight Potions and Poisons'.

Uninstall: Delete the file or untick it.

DLC: If you have SKSE installed ( and Dawnguard is loaded, Dawnguard's potions will also be reweighed via a script. Lack of Dawnguard and/or SKSE won't prevent the mod from working normally.

Rights: I'm a lefty. Do ...whatever.

Thanks: Beth for the game and CK. MaboroshiDaikon for Skyrim String Localizer

For increased compatibility and scroll reweighing (both with weight options) check out Scale Tipper. It does all this does and more, but absolutely requires SKSE.

See also, Lightweight Scrolls. Works the same way and supports the same nine languages.