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Go on an adventure with a Doxie Dovahkiin! These 4 mighty Doxie Dovakhiins dogs have come to the land of Tamriel to follow you on your adventures. They are led by the little Luke the sweetest and loyal Doxie Dovahkiin there ever was! Choose these long but short legged pups to join you today. There is also an option to play as a dog now included.

Permissions and credits
Luke and his new doxie friends are back! They have come to the land of Tamriel and are waiting for you at the stables in Markarth. Luke is a coward but he is loving and loyal and still a force to be reckoned with.  He is the little band of pup's Leader with a lot of personality and just too much love to live in just one realm. All his doxie friends are excited to see you  and want to go with you on adventures and be your forever follower.

They are slower than most because of their shorter legs but don't let that fool you.  These little pups can travel may end up waiting a little bit for them to catch up!

The following pups are waiting for you at Markarth Stables:
  • Luke 
  • Red Dachshund
  • Cream Dachshund
  • Black/Red Dachshund

Read Luke's Mom aka JenPerc's Tribute/Nexus Forum Request Here

Polymorph Version File

This file includes all four dogs as potential followers but also lets you play as a dog. See the world through a dog's eyes. 

In order to play as a dog you simply have to craft the Spell Tomes at a Forge to Polymorph.

From DisgruntledWombats: We recommend you polymorph in a remote area.

Both polymorphing and reverting back can be done an unlimited amount of times.

See their full mod here with additional fun race options here:
Novelty Race Pack


What are the mod file dependencies or conflicts?
There are no mod dependencies only base game and DLC. 
- Mod may remove ability to purchase Vigilance.
- From Amulet101: Just a heads up for AFT users - if you use the mod True Meeko,, load Doxie AFTER True Meeko or you won't get the full AFT follower dialogue for these little guys.

What voices do the characters have?
Dog Voice and puppy dog eyes to control you and make you give them treats.

Will they follow?
They are all potential followers.

Are they essential or protected?
These dogs are essential and will adventure with you forever.

Other: There is a dialogue bug where sometimes you have to meet the NPC and then save and re-load the game for dialogue to appear.

Authors Note: You can find my character in this mod also. If you are interested come find me. I left a hint in the images. Good Luck!

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