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This mod adds a new player home with a main story quest to fully unlock it. You must reach level 15 to begin. If you are already >lvl 15, the next time you change locations(and enter a city or village) the quest will begin with a dispatched courier.

Permissions and credits
Formerly Dragonbane Manor, this mod has nothing to do with the blades weapon, dragonbane, hence the name change to avoid confusion.
The force greet causing progression issues has been removed and the mod is able to fully complete now.

Huntlock manor (player home)
quests to unlock each wing of the manor
epic beasts to slay including a dragon
unique vendor
2 companions
2 unique spells (a return home spell and a cure disease spell)
Available upgrades to the manor
and a story bringing it all together

(not easy by any stretch of the imagination)
also, you will need the 3rd word of whirlwind sprint to complete everything