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Race menu preset of Grey Warden and Ferelden King Alistair Theirin from Dragon age game.

Permissions and credits

COtR  -  without it preset wouldn't work.
The eyes of beauty
Race Menu
KS Hair  -  optional.

Project ENB  -  enb on screenshots

In the archive you can find three folders:

- Preset folder - contains preset and nif file of the head. Just put Data to your Skyrim's root directory.
- Face texture - contains diffuse and normalmap textures. Put folder to your Skyrim's Data. By default it replace, you can rename it to another variant you want.
- Hair - contains hair meshes,  textures and esp.
In-game open Race Menu, apply preset and nifs to your character, then on Head tab use Face Part slider to choose texture.

Credits & thanks

Bioware and Bethesda - for their games and characters
COtR Team  -  for their hard work.
expired6978 - for Race Menu mod
LogRaam - for The eyes of beauty
bronze316 - for ENB