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One of my big gripes with Oblivion and Skyrim was the way they handled encumbrance and weight. Since I'm a big fan of immersion, I usually lowered my characters' max carry weight a lot, but the problem was then that most of the inventory got filled by heavy weapons or armor. This mod tries to fix that somewhat.

Yeah yeah, but what does it do?

Most people know that it's easier to wear something instead of carrying it around (at least usually). Therefor I feel it should be easier for the character to wear their armor instead of dragging it around in an invisible bag/kappsack/alternate dimension.
So, whenever you equip an armor, a piece of clothing or a circlet, its weight gets reduced by 80%. Jewelry's weight is completely removed when worn.

I know this lessens the importance of the two perks Unhindered and Conditioning (light and heavy armor has no weight when worn, respectively) but eh, they still have some usefullness left and I really don't want to start poking around in the perk trees. There are/will be enough mods that do that anyway.

Future plans

I'm not sure. I could expand it to be an encumbrance/carry weigh overhaul, or I could leave it like this. Depends on what people think and/or suggestions I get I guess.

Bugs/known issues/compatibility

No known bugs, and should be compatible with pretty much every mod out there.
Should also work with custom armor as long as they use the VendorItemArmor, VendorItemClothing, ClothingCirclet, VendorItemJewelry or ArmorJewelry keywords.

Installation and uninstallation

Dump the esp and the bsa in Data/ to install, remove them to uninstall.


I'm known as Pyntix on the Bethsoft forums, and nycz pretty much everywhere else.
Please don't reupload this unless all other copies are gone and I can't be reached.

Update history

0.1b - Fixed a small bug that made some special armors be unaffected by the mod (Nightinggale Armor and some daedric artifacts)

0.1 - Initial release