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Play as a Dwemer the extinct race of Tamriel.

two handed weapon: 25
smithing: 25
enchanting: 25
heavy armor: 20
other skills: 15
special spells/power:

innate talent (especial efect):
increases your heavy armor skill by 5, deal 10% more when using two handed weapons, and you can upgrade items 20% better.

Guardian Sphere Call (inferior power):
Call your guardian sphere to aid you in battle.

other details:

the dwemer Males are 70% of sise of a normal imperial or nordic,
females are a little lower than males.

this is a race based on high elves. (its just to have some ironc fun XD)

the weapons you weild (doesnt matter wich one) becomes smaller to fit in your (tinny) arms, (i'm trying to fix this.)

i hope you enjoy being a the last Dwemer..... but not for too long...
coming soon:
Dwemers discovery quest.
a small dwemer village, some missions and a flying hippopotamus. (it's a joke about the hippopotamus....or not?....)