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I made a unique Khajiit follower called the "Iron Chef" Ra'jhera.
This character is from the HunterBorn mod cookbook "The Lyart Cairn".
He is both a mercenary and chef.
He will help you with your adventures in cooking, hunting and fighting...

Permissions and credits

・ Dual-wield mercenary follower
・  Not marriageable
・  During the day, he lives in a tent outside Markarth near a carriage.
・  (In the Console, type coc markarthexterior01 to warp near to him.)
・  He likes to drink from evening to night. He must be drinking at Silver Blood Inn.
・  Sleeps in a tent at night.
・  Does business from morning to evening, but he doesn't sell much.
・  He might move around during conversation. Sometimes the movement is bad.
・  Full voice (Machine voice + vanilla) add New Voices by SKVA Synth ! ! ! (Check to Update files)
・  If you don't have a dialogue option, you can just wait a little longer and get back to it (It can happen by having a continuous conversation.)
・  I added raw meat to some animals such as wolves and foxes. You can get it by leaning it down and checking.

If you pay 500 gold to hire Ra'Jhera, the following dialogue will appear.

 "Are the ingredients enough?"
 "Could you make me meal please?"


 "Are the ingredients enough?"
 He checks what's in his inventory and tells you what's missing.
 The player can exchange items with the chef, who then cooks for them.
 When there are not ingredients at all, Ra'Jhera may do something.


"Could you make me meal please?"

 Ra'Jhera serves dishes to players using ingredients according to the recipes of Vanilla, DLC and HunterBorn.
 The food served depends on the ingredients Ra'Jhera has. It's fun to see what comes out and the chef is capricious.
 Of course, he will make dishes that are not in the recipe.
 Once he make a dish, he need to prepare it for the next time.
Please wait for a while and talk to him. The waiting time varies depending on the food.
If you don't have ingredients, we are still preparing. Please check the chef's inventory when you are preparing.
There might not be enough ingredients.


 This is my first work, but I'd be happy if you enjoy this mod!
 Please enjoy it with survival mods such as HunterBorn.