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Adds spellbooks, scrolls and staves that can be worn in hand or on back for the player's enjoyment.

Also includes scripted versions to switch between the two in and out of combat.

Permissions and credits
This is a small mod that adds spellbooks, scrolls and staves that can be worn in hand and on hip.
The books come from each school of magic and have enchanted and unenchanted versions. The enchanted books make their respective skill 25% cheaper to cast.
Items in hand use slot 58 and items on hip slot 55.

The mod contains also scripted versions of the items.
The scripted items are named "[itemname] (s)", use slot 55 (and FX slot 61), and will display the book or scroll in either player's hand or on hip depending on if the player's (or npc's) weapons/magic are out.
The staves have only scripted versions for now. They can be used simultaneously with books or scrolls.

To get the items, use Additemmenu or search a sack container in The Midden under the College of Winterhold.

This mod requires Dragonborn DLC.

Thanks to pw508 for the idea/request.