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Allows you to choose RaceMenu overlays to only show up when you're fighting, as well as offering a selection of particle effects to use in or out of combat.

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This is a mod that lets you keep some of your RaceMenu overlays hidden until you're in combat.  All configurable from a MCM.

The overlays fade in over a brief period of time.  You can set how strong they appear with the Max Alpha setting for each one.  (Alpha is how opaque it is, 0% is completely invisible)

New in 1.2: Particle effect options!  Some effects are taken from spells and some effects are custom made, but you can choose one to apply during combat and one to have on your character at all times.  30 different effects to choose from!
  • Calm - Like the spell.
  • Cold Fire - It's fire, but blue.
  • Dark Magic - The black miasma effect around reanimated corpses.
  • Detect Life - Like the spell, but it doesn't completely obscure your character.
  • Dripping Blood/Ichor (black)/Water - Custom effect, exactly what they sound like.
  • Electric - As used in several magic effects.
  • Embers - Custom effect of tiny glowie bits that float upward.  Comes in 6 colors.
  • Ethereal - Like ghosts have.
  • Fire - Like the Flame Cloak spell.
  • Flies (regular/spriggan) - Custom effect of swirling insects.
  • Frenzy - Like the spell.
  • Frost - Like the Frost Cloak spell.
  • Pine Needles - Custom effect of shedding pine needles.
  • Pollen - Custom effect of tiny green particles wafting out of your body.
  • Runes - Custom effect of magical floating letters.  Comes in 6 colors.
  • Soul Trapped - Like the spell.
  • Turn Undead - Burning effect from the spell.

Notes on the Activate On MCM item:
  • Combat: This will trigger your overlays to appear after you have been attacked.
  • Weapon Drawn: This will trigger your overlays to appear whenever you have your weapon out.
  • Both: This will trigger your overlays when either of the above conditions are met.

Known Issues
  • If you unset an overlay from being used in this mod, I can't restore its alpha to what it should be in most cases.  There is a popup when I can tell the alpha definitely can't be fixed, and it will let you go directly into RaceMenu to correct it.
  • Sometimes the mod won't properly turn on overlays after starting a new game.  Saving & loading seems to fix this.

Video and image permissions are OPEN!  Feel free to show off your character's cool tattoos!

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