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Change the hair color for wigs provided by other mods to anything you like.

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There are various mods that provide wigs that can be equipped by the player or other NPCs. While they can offer a variety of styles, they offer a limited selection of color choices with sometimes only a couple of color options available. This will allow you to change the colors of those wigs to whatever you would like the color to be.


You need to have the wigs you wish to change the color of in your inventory and make sure they are unequipped. Go into the MCM and choose a wig from the list that you want to change the color of. A backup of the original wig will be made so if you end up wanting to go back to the original version later you can click the restore button. Once the wig has been selected, you can adjust the sliders to manipulate the color. Click the save button once you have made your adjustments and the color will be saved to the mesh file for the wig. You can then equip the wig to see how it looks. If you don't like how the color came out, simply unequip the wig and go back into the MCM to make further adjustments until you are satisfied with the look.