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If you happen to already know what Random Unleveled World
is, this mod is basically the same thing but leveled around the world, "balanced" and more feature friendly.

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If you happen to already know what Random Unleveled World is, this mod is basically the same thing but leveled around the world, "balanced" and more feature friendly.

As with the old version of the mod it kinda features the same bugs but you dont have to worry about some of those.

To start this mod adds random bits of weapons, armor npcs, creatures, drinks, food potions scrolls, ingots and ores.
You can choose to enable whatever part you want and disable ones you don't.

All the "Lvl" and "Outfit" plugins can be merged into the bash patch while the placed ones cannot.

Theres this really odd bug while using the npcs plugins. A random set of creatures will follow you around to either kill you or just stay near you. Its really weird, not sure why it happens. Its either a gargoyle or a spider or a frozen falmer.


- Random Unleveled World - 
Main file for everything, also makes some weapons and armor playable and makes some things craftable, might change later.


- RUW - Lvl Items - 
These features level list of drinks food ingots and ore, ingredients and potions. Included with the main file.

- RUW - Lvl Armor&Clothes&Robes - 
These feature level list and outfits for each type. They will include a Level list and a Outfit Plugin separately.
With the outfits, they will use their vanilla outfit or something completely random. Enable, disable what you want.

- RUW - Lvl Weapons Spells & Books Staff - 
All the level list for these will have a chance to be random, instead of a iron or steel sword you might get a complete different one, 
say a dragonbone sword at level 1. Staff and spell tome/books will have a chance to drop spell books.


- RUW - Lvl Npcs - 
Here we have random sets of npcs i created for humans and creatures. Creatures with either spawn their vanilla models or spawn a random unleveled npc.. 
The human level lists will feature random human spawns while the creature level will do the same but creatures.

- RUW - Placed Items -
Moveable objects like weapons and armor will be set to be random instead of being a generic iron sword or steel dagger.
This effects some of the world items but not all of them. The default version includes all of the ones i made and includes a "no food" option. Theres optional single versions and other merged version deeper inside the folder.

- RUW - H&C Spawn Random -  (Don't use RUW - Lvl Npc - Fix CTD with this plugin)
Replaces each custom level list into random ones instead being sorted. 
Sorted = Dog LL Random LL and Random LL List
Random = Random LL


- RUW - H&C Spawn Opposite -
Swaps the two types between each other. Humans will spawn creaures while creatures will spawn humans.

- RUW - H&C Spawn Together -
Allows both human and creatures to have a chance to spawn within the same Level List

- RUW - H Spawn Only -
This will overrides ruw level list to only spawn human type characters


- RUW - C Spawn Only -
Replaces ruw level lists to spawn creatures only

- RUW - H Spawn Dremora Only -
This will enable ruw human level list to only spawn dremora. This is the only race plugin i made, atm theres no others nor do i plan to make more like this.

- RUW - H&C Spawn LL Only -
This will removes vanilla level list and replace them with  RUW, but it will be random instead of sorted. Say bandit spawns with bandit but this will make it random instead.

- Random Placed Npcs -
This will replace the npcs of the world with leveled versions meaning they will be random instead of the vanilla static npcs, but these only touch corpses of dead npcs and only alive creatures + no cites. Atm theres no alive humans in this build.