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A male elven preset for Racemenu and Charmers of the Reach (CotR).

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Not much to be said. "Oris" is the name of the Skyrim character I've been playing for awhile now--a greatsword-totting Snow Elven Shezzarine with edgy scars, glowy eyes and anime hair. Not the most flattering character concept, but hey, at least he kicks VIGILANT's Molag Bal's ass on Expert difficulty.

Anyway, included in the archive are two presets and two sets of .nif and .dds files--one for his default, CC-required look (CotR-Oris) and one for his base, no-CC look (CotR-OrisBase). His facial features are "bland" enough to be a base preset for anyone who wants to make their own CotR face. (And I can't imagine why anyone would want to play a greatsword-totting Snow Elven Shezzarine with edgy scars, glowy eyes and anime hair...)

No custom textures included or needed--he uses base CotR textures.

Required mods:

  • CotR - HQ Characters creation addon for RM (Charmers of the Reach), it won't work without it
  • Racemenu

Required mods (not required for the bland version)

  • KS Hairdos
  • Salt and Wind - Rough Hair for KS Hairdos
  • Skin Feature Overlays

Note: Oris is technically a Dark Elf. Haven't tested the preset on other elven races. And feel free to switch the glowy eyes to something else! I know I would.
He has a slight underbite; it's intentional. I made him with imperfections in mind because flawlessly perfect anime boy presets are boring. Of course you can change that, too.

Mods used in the screenshots: VIGILANT (for the rose-on-hair thingy--it's Rose of Lamae, craftable if you loot the Withered Rose of Lamae from Lamae's corpse after her boss battle, and tempered it at the Anvil of Zenithar), Grandmaster Ursine Armor, Warmonger Armory (the Vigilant Tunic, specifically), JRC's Witcher Style Sword Pack, Big Leather Backpack.

Due to health reasons, I won't be able to be active on Nexus. Feel free to contact me on my Tumblr (@mannimarco-and-the-homeboys) if you have any questions or report bugs, anon asks are open. Thanks in advance :)