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Throw a baseball and watch it go from your hand - to wherever you throw it - to right back into your hand.

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We are happy to reveal our progress with Skyrim animations. We never imagined that we would be able to not just create animations involving equipped items, but also animations with objects that can actually go out of your hand. As far as we know, no one else seems to be doing this kind of thing. We've seen animations, Animations for equipped items (weapon animations), poses with objects. But we don't think we've seen an animation that both animates a character (like the player) AND an additional object. 

This is also available as a resource for people who want to do the same. DAR made a great impact on the rejuvenation of the animation scene, Distar's tutorial is what even allowed us to learn how to make animations after trying to figure it out for 1.5 years - so much like with our WrestleLabs project (Paired animations, without needing to animate two rigs in Blender/whatever at the same time), we are giving this to the community as a resource to learn from so that people can make new types of animations that we just don't see very often, if at all.

We'd really like to know if the community has any ideas as to what might make for a good animation, and we'd really like to know what other animators think of this as a resource.

Or if you'd just like to use it to taunt with there's that as well.

Short Version Tutorial (longer version in time):

  • Take an armor/full body model into Outfit Studio, and an object you'd like to animate. 
  • Position the new object to the left or right (and whatever height you want) of the model.
  • Weight paint the object.
  • Delete all but one of the armor models parts (or leave it be if it's something simple like a daedric helmet which would have only one part)
  • Export from Outfit Studio, and open up in Nifskope.
  • Make the armor component transparent, and save.
  • Make two animations (See: Distar's Tutorial) - one of an action, one for the object.
  • Synchronize the two.
  • Implement new mesh, and two animations using WrestleLabs and DAR.


  • ESP file goes into your Skyrim Data Folder.
  • 'Meshes', 'Textures' & 'Scripts' folders go into your Skyrim Data Folder.
  • Requires Dynamic Animation Replacer


When you're done, the object won't be. Select the ball in the command console, and type in:


Then exit the command console.
It will stop the ball, and you can start again.

We recommend you aim your self at a wall. The video should give you an idea of how far to go back.
We also recommend you go get yourself Jaxonz positioner if you want to pick up the ball and take it on the go.

Demonstration Video


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