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A simple over-colored retexture of Mountain Flowers for those of us severely colorblind

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I have trouble distinguishing the various mountain flowers with the base-game
textures, so I made this.  Thought I would upload it if anyone else has the same problem.

Note these are not professional textures in any way, and to the non-colorblind they
may look garish and out of place.  They were also made to work for me, and
everyone's colorblindness is different.  I am not a professional graphic artist,
but I can try to make different versions if anyone has different needs.

The zip file contains a Textures folder and two .esp files.

You can use the folder by itself, it will replace the textures and that's it.
This will not take a slot in your mod list.

The .esp files also rename the plants to tell you what they produce. (Instead of "Mountain Flower" when you target the plant, it will say "Blue Mountain Flower" or whatever.)  I made separate .esps for vanilla and Dawnguard/Legendary.  The Dawnguard one also affects
the Yellow Mountain Flower plants.

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