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A true master of necromancy needs an armor that matches his evil mind. Made of pure ebony metal shaped in a terrifying design, adorned with fabrics decorated by dark arcane writing, and enchanted by powerful magic, whoever wears the Necromaster Robes will make even the inhabitants of Soul Cairn tremble.

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"A true master of necromancy needs an armor that matches his evil mind. Made of pure ebony metal shaped in a terrifying design, adorned with fabrics decorated by dark arcane writing, and enchanted by powerful magic, whoever wears the Necromaster Robes will make even the inhabitants of Soul Cairn tremble."

by Beastmaster Mihail *
(*Who is Beastmaster Mihail? He is my avatar/persona within the universe composed of all my mods. He is the ingame author who writes the texts that are usually presented as descriptions for my mods. A former monster hunter, now a dedicated scholar, he is planned to be released as an NPC in late 2022/early 2023, doing the same job in-game as my descriptions do on Nexus.)

Technical information: Its enchantments resemble those of Archmage Robes, minus the restoration bonus, offset by a higher conjuration bonus. In addition, they are armored robes, that is, they offer protection. It is categorized as light armor, and its weight is between that of the glass cuirass, and the dragonscale, as well as its defense. In addition it can be improved using ebony ingots. It exists as a counterpoint to Archmage Robes and the righteous path, being a viable option for dark oriented characters. The set greater defense aims to compensate for the necromancer's fighting style less focused on destruction spells. 

The only two available sets in the game belonged to Malyn Varen and Queen Potema, and therefore they still remain next to the corpses of their former owners, respectively inside Ilinalta's Deep and Potema's Catacombs. These unisex robes combine very well with other ebony pieces, so they can be used very harmoniously with helmets, gauntlets and ebony boots. 

- 1 new set of light armored robes for necromancers- Necromaster Robes, in 2 color variants

Playable races added via mod may not be compatible with this armor, requiring patch.
(OBS- If by chance when installing several of Mihail's mods at the same time you are asked about files overwriting those of other Mihail mods or other authors mods, don't worry because they are just the same files shared between mods. I recommend that on these occasions always give preference to the files contained in my mods, and among mine always give preference to the mod you are installing last.)

The Mihail Armors and Clothes series provides high quality and immersive armor, clothing and other accessories, especially aiming to bring unique and rarely produced content in this area already so explored by many other authors.

- The last Skyrim Update
- DLC Dragonborn
- DLC Dawnguard
- DLC Hearthfire


Mihail- model, textures, animations, game implementation

Some assets used on this mod belong to:

cALAMIN- for the hd cubemap