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*Now includes 65 new races in Early Access!
An All-In-One compilation of Beast Races (non-humanoids) to play as. There are 20 finished races including: Nemesis, Giant Minotaur, Ja'wa, DracoWarrior's Daedroth, Bolgan etc. There are two versions - Permanent Roleplay and 90 Second Polymorph Spell.

Permissions and credits
Thanks to Omar Banat for covering our Ja'wa add-on when it was still a stand-alone!

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7th-12th June Update:

We are going to start working on newer additions to this compilation. There will be two kinds of release types. A Finished Release and Early Access.

Finished Releases will be categorized as a Main File. It will eventually be split as follows - Current (Complete Version) ESP, and Art Packs. You grab the ESP by default, but you the user will decide what packs you want to install. You check each pack, and decide upon (let's say as an example) pack 2. You download and install pack 2, which will allow you to use monsters from that pack, but unless you install additional packs - you will be limited to pack 2 Beasts.

But for now until that happens, the original all-in-one release will be available for users to enjoy.

This is in the interest of being able to make quick fixes to the ESP without having to re-upload the entire mod. It also makes uploading more feasible (since we just won't be able to upload gigabytes worth of data), and this will allow us to add more monsters to the compilation.

Early Access Releases will be split as follows - The current ESP build for the incoming pack of monsters, and Art Packs (Containing Art Assets from their respective packs).
Each Art Pack will have it's contents listed.
The Early Access work will not contain: Completely Tested Work, Video, Taunts, Race Entry faithfulness or the 90 Second Role-Play ESP variant.
The Early Access ESP will be the latest version you can get, so if you choose to go the early-access route, have this ESP replace the old one.

This is in the interest of allowing users to be able to experience and play as more Beast Races without having to wait as long. 

65 New Races are available in Early Access. We're sure you'll find something you like.

Some screenshots are also available for these new races (20/65). Base level testing has been done in line with the amount of progress made in Early Access thus far for 20/65 races.

*There are 5 races that do not work at the moment (Flesh Golem, Ogrim, Centipede, Beholder, Giant Scorpion). They are races 86-90 and may or may not be able to be fixed. It's still up in the air right now. 

We did quite a lot of Beast Race Add-Ons in the past. Now we are going to upload a compilation. This is not a compilation of Mihail's work, this is a compilation of our Add-Ons based on his (and other peoples) works. This will save you the trouble of having to download 15 prerequisite mods and 15 of our mod add-ons just to get a decent experience. Now all you have to do is download ONE mod, and you only need ONE ESP activated.


  • ESP file goes into your Skyrim Data Folder. You can choose which ESP you want activated - and it's a choice between 'Permanent Role-Play' and '90 Second Polymorph Spell'. You will find these ESP files in their respective folders.
  • 'Meshes', 'Textures', 'Scripts',  'SEQ' & 'Sound' folders go into your Skyrim Data Folder.

*This mostly applies to Early Access work. Two things to note - you should replace the old ESP with the latest Early Access ESP should you wish to go the that route, and there is only one type of ESP (Permanent Role-Play). You will also need Playable Monster Mod if you haven't already got it installed from SC64's mod page, or from our completed All-In-One Pack.


Thanks -

We'd like to thank SirCumference64 for their Playable Monster Mod project (which acts as the programming foundation for this mod). We'd also like
to thank Mihail & his many partners for their Art and Programming assets as well as for the Go-Ahead to release this add-on compilation. This extends to the Non-Mihail projects such as HaemProject's Ja'wa, MuppetPuppet's Sload, DracoWarrior's Daedroth and SkinWalker's Tyrannosaurid. Be sure to check out their work!

See the credits list for a full list of links.

Gameplay styles -

Ogroid, Bolgan, Minotaur Giant = Giant gameplay

Nemesis, DW's Lesser Daedroth  = Draugr gameplay

Dwarven Sentinel = Ice Wraith gameplay

Ja'wa = Riekling gameplay

Sload = Frost Atronach gameplay

Centaur = Boar/Riekling gameplay

DW's Daedroth, Mihail's Daedroth, Garkain, Fleder, Undead Werewolf = Werewolf gameplay

Alt Vampire Lord, Mimic = Vampire Lord gameplay

Mihail's Lesser Daedroth, Tyrannosaurid = Gargoyle gameplay

Lich, Corprus Sorcerer = Dragon Priest gameplay

How to transform -

90 Second Polymorph Spell Version: Craft the Spell Tomes at a Forge to Polymorph.
Permanent Role-Play Version: Collect the Soul Gem Token on Alvor's Forge Table, and select your ONE race to play as.

General -

We recommend you polymorph in a remote area, and use the Become Friendly Spell to avoid townsfolk hating you.

The Revert power has been removed. If you use the Permanent Role-Play ESP, you won't need it. And if you have the 90 second polymorph spell ESP, you will revert back after 90 seconds.

Some races have a voice taunt 'Spell'.

Sometimes after you polymorph, you may become 'stuck' in place. To fix this try doing one of the following: Switching equipped items/spells, Pressing CTRL, Dropping an item.

We would have done spell work for all the races rather than just 8. However we ran into some crash-related trouble and will have to forego the remaining 12 races' spell work. Perhaps with next update, we will be more successful.

Regarding updating/hidden mods from Mihail (GoatSucker Mod, Scamp & Banekin etc.) we cannot access them, so we'll have to leave them alone
for now.

We will not be covering Mihail Monster mods which add races that are highly similar to vanilla content (i.e. Cave Bears) in this or any other compilation. 
We will also never cover monsters that use the Dragon style of gameplay. This is because as far as we know, Playable Monster Mod never included any such functionality.

SSE Version:

Demonstration Video
*TBA (More Stand-Alone Videos are available in the Videos Tab)


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