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A mod which adds several new lorebooks to the world of Skyrim on a variety of interesting and obscure lore topics.

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This mod adds several new lorebooks to theworld of Skyrim covering several Elder Scrolls lore topics. The books are intended to fit in seamlessly with the world, you can find every book in various locations, buy them off shopkeepers or loot them off bodies.
Most of the works in this collection arebased on lore topics covered on the Imperial Knowledge YouTube channel, with some added guest works to spice the collection up a bit.
The books are all written from anin-universe perspective by a team of talented writers (See credits section). We are all very excited to see what you’ll think of the books in this collection, and hope you will consider adding the collection to your future Skyrim playthroughs.


Book Locations:
This is a short list of example locationswhere you can find the books in this collection, for those who don’t want to
search for them by themselves and just want to read the books:
A Concise Alphabet dictionary – SeptimusSignus’ hideout
The Language of Lizards – ArgonianAssemblage, Windhelm
The Foxes of Black Marsh – SybilleStentor’s quarters, Blue Palace, Solitude
The Curse of Stillrise Village – Sold byGrey Pine Goods, Falkreath
The Original Shadow Mage – Looted off “TheCaller” in Fellglow Keep
The Sixteen Kingdoms Period – Jarl Balgruuf’sBedroom, Whiterun Dragonsreach
The Real Gourmet – Kitchen, UnderstoneKeep, Markarth
A History of Slavery – Castle Dour, on thetable next to the primary entrance, Solitude
The Life of Martin Septim – Sold by Bitsand Pieces, Solitude
The Rourken Clan – In the research siteinside the Alftand Dwemer ruins
The Left-handed Elves – Swindlers Den, nearthe end of dungeon chest.
The Many Faceted-Pool – Dwemer MuseumDisplay Case, Markarth
The Light-Bringer – Sold by Brand Shei,Riften
Alchemical Elixirs and Potions – The RoomBehind the counter, White Phial, Windhelm
The Path of Kynareth – Temple of Kynareth,Whiterun
Thalmor Dossier: Fultheim – Rulindil’sOffice, Thalmor Embassy
Works by Daniro Zorkonov – ImperialKnowledge
Works by Tiberius Arrius – ImperialKnowledge
Works by Lucan Cuntumelorius - Xith
Works by Armion Elderian - Xith
Works by Adrashi Kathbes – Adra Cat
Works by Asmund the Tasteless – Adra Cat
Works by Titus Umbranox – TheBigE15
Works by Plinus the Young – Adrien Zviaguine
Works by Barac Sthinlbzar – Aramithius
Works by Nameless Thalmor Scribe – Stranger
Mod implementation – Imperial Knowledge
Book reviewing – Christmas, Adra Cat &Ellie
Editing – David de Jong, Imperial Knowledge& Christmas
PC Testing – Adra Cat, Imperial Knowledge
PS4 Testing – Talos the Man God &NerdDragon
Xbox One Testing – Imperial Knowledge
Last minute testing - S S G